How To Choose Right Hair Brush – Hair Brush Ideas

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Ever thought why you need a hair brush? Only for styling??? Not really! Maintaining hair is very important for you because they add to your personality. The way you carry them in your daily routine and the way you style them on special occasions, all means a lot. When it comes to maintaining them, it is important that you need to take good care of them because they can get entangled, break easily, or develop split ends too often. If you maintain them properly and neatly, they will be harmed less.

Using hair brush alone doesn’t solve the purpose, you also need regular spa, shampooing, oiling, and massaging too are important. For now, we will just focus on hair brush and what type of hair brush will suit which type of hair. So, to have great hair all the time, you need different brushes for different occasions and for different hair texture as well.

Let’s Take A Look At Various Hair Brushes

1. Spornette Hair Brush

Whether you call it a porcupine brush or simply a Spornette round brush, it means the same. This brush comes in usually three sizes of 854, 855 and 856. The brush is well suited for those with voluminous hair. They need a good blow dry and this brush seems to solve the purpose with its round barrel and dense bristles. The center is ventilated so that it can help to quickly dry your hair during the hair do. When you use them from top towards bottom side, it gives a nice smooth and bouncy fluff to your hair, and adds the luster.

Spornette Hair Brush

Use the right type of blow dryer and then brush your hair with Spornette hair brush for better styling. Believe it or not, if you have learnt to use this brush properly and effectively, you don’t need to curl your hair separately for stylish looks. It gives a gorgeous effect.

2. Thermal Ceramic Brushes

You need thermal brush because you are planning a blow dry and for this your hair needs some natural heat. The heat coming from dryers may burn your hair or make them rough at times. Thermal brushes conduct heat and as you brush your hair from roots to downwards, the brush allows the air to travel through completely. In other words, it is like curling your hair while ironing them and yet not torturing them with direct heat coming from blowers. It is good for long hair, wait a minute, those with thin hair, please stay away from these brushes as they may break your hair easily.

The purpose of ceramic coating is to allow the air to pass through your hair naturally. When the air circulates, it helps to settle the frizz in your hair, making them smooth and even helps to straighten your hair if done properly.

Thermal Ceramic Brushes

You can find many different types of ceramic brushes like oval, round, curved, and triangle or even barrel shaped. You need to pick one wisely for your hair keeping in mind the type of bristles it has. For example, nylon bristle brush helps to dispense the oil naturally in your hair giving your hair a shinier look with those nylon bristles. If your hair not much thick, they get entangled easily, you need pin bristles hair brush. They are good at detangling, and they massage your head scalp naturally.

“You can choose between wooden or ceramic pin hair brushes for your hair. If you are using boar hair brush for your hair, you don’t need any additional styling products because they are good natural conditioners. Using boar brush regularly enhances the texture of your hair, fights frizz (using anti-frizz serum or sebum), and relaxes your scalp (by stimulating the blood flow through your scalp). As a result of using any ceramic brush, your hair looks healthier, shinier and softer”.

3. Paddle Brush

If your hair is long and either straight or wavy, you need this brush to maintain the smoothness. Otherwise also, this brush is suitable for any hair type but well suited for long wavy hair. The paddle hair brush is a favorite of many hair stylists because it is a very god detangler and is cheap too n case if you wish to buy it for daily brush up for your straight hair. This brush offers an ergonomic grip handle and the nylon pins massage your hair gently. It is heat and chemical resistant, so you can use it for everyday purpose or at least once a day, you should.

Paddle Brush

4. Rubber Cushion Oval Brush

The best thing about this brush is that its bristles are so soft that those with thin hair won’t break their hair off the scalp and it is gentle too. It helps to distribute the oils evenly form roots till the end. If you have natural curly hair and they are dry also, this rubber cushion oval brush forms a good grip and helps best to detangle your hair completely. Avoid using them on wet hair as you may end up breaking your fragile hair. If you have thick hair, you must choose the one with longer prongs with synthetic or boar bristles. It is suitable for small to lengthy hair.

Rubber Cushion Oval Brush

5. Wood Pin Based Hair Brush

Do you love your curly hair? Some may not, while there are few who do. To maintain the curls in your hair, you need this hair brush with wooden pins that would do justice to your curly hair but not separating the curls completely and keeping them maintained for hours. They are gentle in case if you have thin and weak hair (or fragile hair). It is an anti—static brush meaning that it will stop your hair from flying away or prevents frizz in your hair. Its wooden cone shaped pins are gentle on your scalp and penetrates well in thin but voluminous hair. Its rounded tips give a natural massage to your scalp making you feel relaxed for a longer duration.

Wood Pin Based Hair Brush

So, this was all about the hair brushes. It is very important to understand your hair type, its texture, and the length of your hair before choosing the right brush for your hair. You can ask your hair stylist to help you with it. There also come different kinds of combs that will help you to divide the sections and work on each section in detail. The outcome will be marvelous when you use both combs and brushes depending upon the occasion and your hair type.

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