What to Wear with High Heels?

What to Wear with High Heels

Well! It is not a tough decision as to what outfit will be best suited with high heels because these days women have many options. They can experiment with a variety of colors, style, and pattern when it comes to fashion. What matters most are your comfort level and your body physique; so women must shop for things keeping every factor in mind.

Let’s Find Out Some Of The Stylish Alternatives With Different Types Of Heels:

1. High Heeled Boots

You can opt to wear a long tunic type sweater, and pair it off with blue leggings along with black high heeled boots. If you are tall, you can choose a collarless sweater and round up a muffler around your neck. But if you are of short height, you can go for a high neck tunic sweater and roll up your sleeves a little bit to add some grace to your personality. Try this as a formal outfit but if you are going for a shopping, do not forget to carry off your sunglasses and your stylish hanging purse. Match your red bracelet with your red purse and a red lipstick to give a nice classy look.

High Heeled Boots

2. High Heeled Bellies

For those who are fair colored, you must try combinations of black and white. An only black or only white or even a combination of two will work perfectly if you are in office or planning a formal lunch outside. In fact black will make the men fall in love with you if you are going to attend an evening gala dinner. For those who are heavy and tall, you can try knee length tunics, preferably black deep cut tunic with white high heeled bellies, and accessorize with a simple pearl white necklace along with pearl white earrings. On the other hand slim but short height women can pair up with short white tunics, red heels and a red glossy lipstick with simple open hair.

High Heeled Bellies

3. Pencil Heels

All the slimmest girls on earth can try pencil heels with high waist pants and no matter even if you are not tall but you are quite slim, this will make you look like a model. Do leave your hair open, make a high tress knot with little hair streaks falling in the front only on either side. Apply brown colored lipstick and carry a black handbag having smaller belts with your black pants and black shrug on top as well. You can try brown lenses for your pair of eyes too.

Pencil Heels

4. Stilettos

When planning a formal event, you can think of stilettos with a voluminous dress and a small hair bun. This color combination will look more appealing for night events, although some tweaking can be done to make it suitable for day events too like open hairstyles or a high ponytail. A set of long earrings will add elegancy to your entire personality. A glitzy pink voluminous dress can be paired with soft pink colored stilettos. This combination will look good with both short height girls and tall women and with any facial color.


5. Platform Heels

If you think only short height girls need to wear platforms to look decent, it’s a BIG NO because a tall girl with short funky dress can look good too. In fact many short height girls are experimenting these days with high heels and believe it or not, they look fabulous as far as they know how to carry themselves with high heels. For a wheatish type complexion, here’s a suggestion, a short black dress with broad silver or golden belt and black platforms is sure to attract many today. Do not forget to accessorize yourself with a broad sized matching silver or golden bracelet. Any hair style would suit you.

Platform Heels

6. Wedges

Do you like wedges? If yes, then you are a true summer girl because wedges especially floral wedges look good with tight pants paired with soft colored sleeveless shirts and matching trendy sunglasses as well to beat the summer heat. This will suit those who are looking to extend their legs and look a bit taller. Simply put a clutcher on your hair or leave them half opened and you will look cool during the hottest season or anytime during the summers.


7. High Heel Sandals

If you are planning a special get together or let’s say a Valentine’s Day Celebration with your lover and you wish to surprise him, flatter him a red short dress with golden and black colored high heel sandals. Carry a golden purse with golden chains and a seducing red lipstick and a slight golden eye makeup. Hair should be left open not completely but tied slightly so that they don’t mess up with your face so that when he kisses you, make sure hair are not interfering in-between. Isn’t that a great idea! The occasion and especially when he sees you should call for champagne.

High Heel Sandals

8. Low Heel Shoes

They will look good with women of any height and any color but the color of your dress and your lower must be chosen carefully. For instance a light brown overcoat and blue jeans will be best suited with black low heel shoes while short gray colored coats paired with gray pants will look amazing with gray low heel shoes. You need not to accessorize yourself, just carry a pair of matching goggles and there you go. If you are not that tall, a tight high rise bun will be a good idea. Make sure all your hair is neatly tied into the round bun and you don’t need a makeup even if you are leaving for your office routine.
You can also try mid-calf boots but most women are comfortable wearing knee high boots because the latter ones can go on with any type of dress like leggings or skirts or even overcoats. Whatever heel type you choose, make sure that you should be able to carry them properly otherwise you may end up hurting your ankles. Your ankles are very delicate and only the right fit and the right choice will work. Wearing something that is not suitable to you will harm your ankle and you will be forced to wear Doctor’s soles. Further, you will not be able to put much sprain on your ankles, your foot will demand regular massage and still the pain will not go and in worst cases you will not be able to participate in sports or even a morning walk will become difficult for you.

Low Heel Shoes

So, make a right choice with your heels first and then think about your dressing sense.

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