Weekly Beauty Routine To Look Perfect On The Big Day

Parties! Special events! Weddings! Graduation.. Women get so much more excited when such special occasions come into our routine lives. But on that fine special day our skin looks dull and tired and it just misses out on that glow and the reason being that our skin was not prepped up and pampered before hand! Our skin needs to be pampered each and every day for it to look at its best on that main event! And women really have a big list of beauty activities to perform before that main event.

Looking the best and the most perfect woman in the crowd is our secret wish and if we miss out on even one beauty routine, it just turns it the other way. The skin needs at-least a week time to be repaired and fade out all the imperfections thus making your skin look naturally healthy on the big day. Here is a list starting from Monday to that big day on how to prep up your skin. The activities range from shaving/waxing, prepping your eye brows, applying nail paints, repairing your skin with the precious lotions and serums, pampering the skin with sheet masks and home remedies and to know more.. Watch this video!

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