5 Effective Ways To Save Your Hair From Pool Chlorine Damage

Save Your Hair From Pool Chlorine Damage

We all know swimming is very beneficial for health. This is one of the beneficial exercises that give you complete body workout. While some indulge in this sport for better health and others simply enjoy this activity. Whatever be the reason, it is always important to know that the water in the swimming pool, beach or river etc. contains chlorine in it and can do harm to your skin and hairs. I am sure you won’t want that to happen!! In this article we are going to share with you five ways to save your hair from chlorine water.

Here Are The 5 Effective Ways To Save Your Hair From Pool Chlorine Damage:

Pre Swim Shower

Hairs are porous in nature. Before hitting the swimming pool it is advisable to take a shower. The theory behind it is that when you take shower your hairs become moist. This makes it difficult for the chlorine to get into the hair shaft and only small amounts of it can make the way to your hairs.

Pre Swim Shower

Oil Your Hairs

Oiling with coconut or olive oil is very helpful to protect them from the harsh nature of chlorine. Oil adds moisture to your hairs and penetrates into your hair strands completely. One needs to simply apply any of the above oils on the hair one hour prior to dive in the water.

Oil your hairs

Put On The Swim Cap

Swim cap would prevent your hairs getting wet in the water. It would also prevent any contact with the metals or harmful substances present in pool water.

Put on the swim cap

Post Swim Shower

Rinse your hairs as soon as you come out of the pool. This will remove all the residual metals, chemicals and salt from your hairs and maintain their colour and strength.

Cold Compress or Shower

Clarifying Shampoo

Even after following all the above mentioned tips, if your hairs did get affected by chlorine and other harmful elements of the pool water then you can get rid of them easily with the help of a good quality clarifying shampoo. It will also help in unclog hair follicles and removing dead skin cells.


It is better to prepare yourself well before entering into the pool. Doing swimming in this way would help you reap the positive benefits of it and changing your hairs for the better.

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