Way To Do Half Moon Pose And Know Amazing Health Benefits Of This Pose

Half Moon Pose2

Do you ever try to do half moon pose? It is basically a popular standing pose and very easy to do. It provides lots of health benefits for you and it actually gives you lots of benefits. This pose has an amazing name in Sanskrit and called Ardha Chandrasana. In Sanskrit the word “Half” is specified as “Ardha” and the word “Moon” called “Chandra” in Sanskrit. And all the poses have a generic name of “Asana”. Actually when you perform this pose your body looked as the shape of half moon.

Methods To Do Half Moon Pose:

Half Moon Pose is a vital standing pose which provides benefits to the lower part of your body. To perform this pose stands on your feet keeping both of your legs together. Now slowly bend your body in forward direction and touch the ground with your right hand. Now slowly uplift the left leg from the ground. Balance your body on the right leg and right hand. Firmly place the palm on the ground to grip the ground so that you can carry the body weight. Now keep your head upward looking in the upward direction. Hold the pose for 15-20 seconds and then release it. Take a break of 5 seconds and repeat it.

Half Moon Pose

Here Are The 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of The Half Moon Pose:

Ideal For Your Legs:

Half Moon pose actually provides the strength to your legs. It helps to power ups the muscles of your legs and especially good for your hamstrings.

Ideal For Leg Muscles

Improves Your Body Balance:

Perform this pose every day to increase the body balance. It is actually ideal for you increase the body balance in a safe way.

Improves Your Body Balance

Healthy Buttocks With Half Moon Pose:

This poses actually well for your buttocks and provides you healthy buttocks. This pose uses the muscles of your buttocks while performing the pose.

Healthy Buttocks

Toned Hips With This Pose:

Do you want toned hips? Then this pose is actually good for you. Half Moon Pose removes extra fat and cellulite from your hips thus you got toned hips in few days. Try this pose and see the results.

Toned Hips With This Pose

Improves The Strength Of Your Body:

Half Moon pose improves the strength of your body if you perform this pose regularly.

Improves The Strength Of Your Body

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