Modish Way To Design Your Own Tunics In Minutes!

Way To Design Your Own Tunics

Designer tunic, top or a dress material looks exclusive and elegant, every women loves to add designer piece to her wardrobe, designer outfits are always in great fashion and looks amazingly beautiful. When you have an occasion at home like celebrating your kid’s birthday party, anniversary celebrations almost every women loves to shop the dress of her choice, from her favourite store. You just need to pay an extra cost from your pocket to own that piece.

If you have a good taste for designer clothing and always wants to stand out of the crowd and look stylish in any kitty party, friends get together, a small family function but every time you cannot afford to spent huge bucks only on clothing and due to budget constraints we end up shopping buying an affordable range tunic however, when we actually try it at home we realize that its not looking great with your favourite pair of shimmery leggings or jeans and it will not do for an evening party which spoils your mood. Well don’t overthink, you only need to be little creative with your ideas and you are done!

Here Are Some Amazing And Pocket Friendly Tips That Can Turn Your Tunic Into A Designer Piece In Minutes:

Collect Decoration Material

Collect some coloured beads, light weight small mirrors, sequence, fancy buttons, shimmery laces,multi-coloured stones whatever you can manage easily most of these items are easily available at home you might
take it from an old stuff or cloth that you have already dumped, these small tiny items can also be collected from a fancy wedding invitation card.

Collect Decoration material

How To Design

Place a newspaper on a table then place your fabric over the paper apply some fevicryl on the area you wish to design gently put the required stone and press it for 10-15 seconds let the stone settle down allow the fabric to absorb the gum and the stone gets fixed and allow some time for cloth to get dry. Try decorating at least 2-3 multi coloured stones per piece keeping in mind the colour combinations in the fabric it will enhance the beauty of a printed tunic and your fabric will look very impressive. You can easily pair it with the bottom of your choice, and you are ready to flaunt and rock the floor with your own designed & unique tunics.

How to Design

How To Wash

Wash your cloth only after 72 hours, let the material get fixed nicely. Only light hand wash is recommended. Do not iron on the designed area of the fabric.

How to wash

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