Top 10 Popular Make-up Brands In India

Popular Make-up Brands In India

A make up kit is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe irrespective of age, race or social status, since the ancient times. Either to conceal the face flaws or to highlight the best features women has always utilized the various make up products to flourish their beauty. Since make-up and women has become a substitute word for one another.

As India is a vast country and likewise it has a huge market so thousands of cosmetic brands are in the completion to capture the limelight, which is very much evident in the number of advertisements shown on the TV or on internet promoting different make up brands. But since you know that face skin tends to be more sensitive than the other part of the body so you can’t experiment with all the products. Because some of them often don’t suit your face skin while some of them even bring risk of side effects. But ladies don’t fret over it as we are giving you the information of top 10 make up brands which are not only dominating Indian market by popularity but also exploring a new dimension of beauty and putting smiles on the faces of million women.

Here Are The 10 Popular Make Up Brands:


Off shoot by Unilever, Lakme is one of the most popular, trusted and leading make up brands in India. From sheer moisturizer to perfect Sunscreen from rich lip color to adorable eye make-up, it has a wide a range of various make up products for every woman according to her age, complexion and choice. The list even not ends here as they keep on working on new innovative ideas to give beauty a new dimension and every year comes up with a tray of new product range and ‘The Lakme Absolute Range’ is the newest feather added to their crown recently. Which offers Absolute Lip range, Duo tone eye-shadows and the already hit, Eye-Conic eye make up.



Revlon is the first International make-up brand to make its secure place in Indian market and into the make up kit of Indian women as well. The specialities of this brand are sassy nail colors, lip colors, eye and make up products and another good feature is that they are made to serve the woman of all ages. Though bit expensive still Revlon winning hearts of the women in India and across the globe for its quality products.



One of the most glamorous make up brands to add extra oomph to your look is the very well known L’oreal. This cosmetic brand not only dominating the global make up market but also has come with flying colors in India. Not only restricted to skin and face products this brand even takes care of your hair with an array of various hair products. This well known and classy make up brand is also found promoting by many well known celebrities including Aishwariya Roy, Sonam Kapoor, Penelope D Cruz, Demi Moore etc.



Another International make up brand to catch the lime-light in Indian market is Maybelline Newyork , owned by the famous make-up tycoon L’oreal, this make up brand has a list of instant hit make up products to pep up your life. May it be the diamond shine lipsticks or colossal kajal this brand is regarded as one of the most popular selling make up products in india. Scientifically tested these products are also safer to use.



Almost 50 years old this International brand is serving with wide range of products from health-care to skin and make up products. After getting the applause all over the world this brand is now making it’s way to Indian market from the past few years. It’s latest addition to ‘Woman’s exclusive skin care’ is called Attitude. While Artistry, another outcome of this brand deserve mention for its sassy colourful make up products.


Elle 18:

While talking about teen make up products in India this brand certainly pops up in our minds. Created by Hindustan Unilever Limited Company, this cosmetic brand is mainly aimed at serving the needs of the youth and so even the price is very much within the budget. From defining your eyes beautifully to coloring your lips to peppy colors, this make up brand is immensely popular among young girls. Newest launch by this brand is Colour Bombs which is already a great hit.

Elle 18


After making it’s strong presence in the International market Mac is now even widely adored by Indian women. Though its high price has made it’s reach within celebs, make up artists etc. but it’s quality and lasting ability also made it desirable to common women too. Mac offers an array of different make up products including face, lip and eye make up products. Even Mac brushes are equally popular.



Next comes in the list is Avon which is very well cosmetic brand not only for it’s skin care or make up products but also it’s direct marketing policy which is working pretty good. This cosmetic brand offers a wide range of beauty products including skin care products, face make up products, talcum powders, perfumes, nail colours etc. The great thing about this company is that apart from making women beautiful it has even enabled thousands of women employment by direct selling work.



This is one of the most popular deshi make up brand that boasts of enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic and Herbal properties. From hair care products to sunscreen; from winter care products to face-washes, this company has made it’s smooth way to make up kit of a common Indian woman. However, this brand doesn’t include chemicals in their products so there is lesser risk of negative effects.



As the name very name suggests this brand is known for its hottest color make up products which includes nail colors, lip colors, eye make up etc. The target customers of this brand are young girls and hence this brand is serving right upto it’s name.