Top 9 Natural Ways To Grow Healthy Eyelashes

Grow Healthy Eyelashes

If well featured striking eyes constitute an important feature of feminine beauty, then well-grown eyelashes provide the right ornamentation enhancing it by several notches. Since long, a dense and healthy growth of eyelashes has been the desire of the women folk worldwide. This is evident with the flooding of different brands of artificial eyelashes in the global cosmetic market. But you don’t need to pick up those as there are enough natural ways to grow healthy eyelashes to your satisfaction.

The growth of eyelashes depends on many factors. No doubt, genetics play an important role. Medical conditions, wrong usage of eye makeup and negligence in eye care are other factors affecting the quality and density of eyelashes. While some factors may not be in your control but working on others may yield the desired result. You will have to maintain a strict regime to facilitate the healthy growth of eyelashes.

Let Us Pick The Simplest But Most Effective Natural Ways To Grow Healthy Eyelashes:

1. Massage Your Eyelashes:

You may not have thought of this natural way to grow healthy eyelashes. Massage the eyelids gently in circular motions. This enhances the blood circulation in the eyelids ultimately boosting the growth of eyelashes. Massaging with olive oil, buttermilk or Shea butter for 5-7 minutes daily will give you the desired result.

 Massage Your Eyelashes

2. Apply Castor Oil:

Castor oil is a great follicle stimulator and is useful in growing hair naturally. To increase the density of the eyelashes, you can apply castor oil gently on the eyelashes with a clean mascara brush or a cotton swab before going to bed. Adding few drops of Vitamin E oil to the castor oil would yield better results. Clean your eyelashes next morning with lukewarm water.

Castor Oil

3. Apply Olive Oil:

This oil rich in Vitamin E and Oleic acid finds a number of applications in beauty enhancing treatments and is an effective natural way to grow healthy eyelashes. Take a clean mascara brush or a cotton swab and dip in warm olive oil. The oil should be lukewarm. Apply the oil all over the eyelashes in the same manner as mentioned above. Leave your eyelashes overnight and rinse them with lukewarm water next morning.

Olive Oil

4. Use The Combo Oil Mixture:

Mix one teaspoon each of olive oil and castor oil uniformly. With the help of a mascara brush, gently apply the oil mix over the eyelashes at night before going to bed. Wash your eyelashes with lukewarm water in the morning. The goodness of the two oils will result in a dense growth of eyelashes much to your liking.

 Use The Combo Oil Mixture

5. Try Coconut Oil:

Excessive use of mascara and not removing it properly cause severe damage to eyelashes. Coconut oil can be a great savior to this condition and will also facilitate further growth of eyelashes. This oil contains a number of medium chain fatty acids which help in cell regeneration. As a result, it penetrates the follicles easily facilitating the growth of eyelashes. Apply this oil with a cotton swab on your eyelashes at night. Rinse with cold water next morning.

Coconut Oil

6. Apply Green Tea Decoction:

The prime benefit of using green tea is that it blocks the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in our bodies, which is a big impediment to hair growth. Moreover, green tea promotes blood circulation and provides a continuous stream of nutrients facilitating the growth of eyelashes. Make a half cup of green tea decoction as you would do usually. Wet a cotton swab in the cooled decoction and apply over your eyelashes. Alternatively, you can place cooled green tea bags over your eyelashes for 5-10 minutes. Green tea bags will not only promote the growth of eyelashes but would also take care of your eyes by improving the blood circulation.

Green Tea

7. Use Petroleum Jelly:

This is another useful way to grow eyelashes naturally. Petroleum jelly being quite handy is easy to apply. Composed of semisolid hydrocarbons, petroleum jelly acts as a good moisturizer. It moistens the base of the eyelashes allowing them to last longer and grow. Take an eyeliner tip and apply a fine line of petroleum jelly along the base of the eyelashes. Take care not to allow petroleum jelly enter into your eyes. You can also rub petroleum jelly lightly on the lashes with your fingers. You should get some results in 2-4 weeks.

 Petroleum Jelly

8. Use Lemon Peels:

This would require a few days preparation. Take the peel of a lemon and immerse it in a bottle of olive oil. Leave it for a couple of weeks. The oil from the lemon will be released and get mixed into olive oil. Lemon oil is known to boost circulation. Apply this in the same manner as in olive oil treatment before going to bed.

 Use Lemon Peels

9. Brush Your Eyelashes Regularly:

It may sound weird but believe me, it works. Brushing helps in removing dirt from the lashes and helps in cleaning the pores. It even boosts circulation helping the follicles get a better supply of nutrients. Take a soft eyelash brush and pour few drops of Vitamin E oil on it. Then brush the eyelashes gently for 5 minutes with upward strokes. Do this regularly and you would feel the difference soon.

Brush Your Eyelashes Regularly

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