Top 8 Women’s Hair Care Tips For Monsoons

Women's Hair Care Tips For Monsoons

Monsoons are almost here and this is one time of the year when you have a series of bad hair days. However, if you take a little extra care of your hair, you will not have much problems. Have a look at the below mentioned tips to care for your hair this monsoon.

1. Do not keep oil overnight in monsoons, unlike summers,it is always advised not to take the risk in monsoons.

Do Not Keep Oil Overnight In Monsoons
2. Do not tie your hair when they are wet, this leaves moisture in them and often leads to dandruff.

Do Not Tie Your Hair When They Are Wet

3. Using Mild Shampoo during monsoons is always advised as the high amount of chemicals lead to hair problems and dry hair.

Using Mild Shampoo During Monsoons

4. Drinking lots of water in monsoon season improves the quality of your hair in monsoons.

Drinking lots of water in monsoon

5. You must NEVER neglect itchy scalp. In case you have excessive itching, you must contact a dermatologist, it might be a serious problem.

Never Neglect Itchy Scalp

6. Avoiding spicy food during monsoons is also very important if you want your hair to be good. Spicy food often leads to bad metabolism, which is turn effects the quality of hair.

Avoiding spicy food during monsoons

7. When you comb your hair during monsoons, you must use the wide toothed comb so that the hair fall is reduced.

Use The Wide Toothed Comb

8. When you wash your hair in monsoons, you must make sure that you pat them completely dry before you blow dry them. In case you do not dry them first, it might as well lead to split ends and dry hair.

Wash Your Hair In Monsoons Regularly

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