Top 8 Treatments To Make Your Hair Stronger

Treatments To Make Your Hair Stronger The hair is called the crowning glory because healthy shiny hair can actually catch eyes more than a beautiful face with lame hair. However, thanks to the lifestyle that we lead today and the pollution, most people complain of heavy hair fall. This can be prevented by making the hair stronger. Here are a few quick and easy tips to make your hair stronger.

Hot Oil Massage

Everyone knows that massage with oil is good for the hair, but here’s why. When you massage your hair, you increase blood circulation to the scalp. Hot oil helps in opening the pores on the scalp, through which the oil can seep through and nourish the hair follicles. Once a week if hot oil massage is done, the hair is deeply nourished and thus becomes stronger. Make sure you use a good quality oil for the purpose. Hot Oil Massage To Make Hair Stronger

Hair Styles

Did you know that there are muscles in the roots of hair called arrector pili muscle? These muscles are the one that make you feel like your “hair is paining” when you tie up your hair in styles that you are not used to. This happens when the muscle is overworked. However, like the other muscles in the body, hair muscles need a strength training to keep fit. This can be done by tying the hair up low, medium and then high. Tying The Hair Up Low, Medium And Then High

Perils of Brushing

While a 100 strokes of the brush at night is usually the cause of the shiny hair of fairy princesses, you may have noticed that in reality the over-brushing breaks hair. If you have strong hair however, then brushing with wide tooth comb and gentle de-tangling can actually be beneficial for the hair. This is because brushing makes the natural oils from the hair roots to nourish the hair. Brushing Hair To Make Hair Stronger

Regular Shampoo

You may be suffering from excessive oil buildups in your scalp and need to wash your hair every other day. However, washing frequently dries out the hair as the shampoo removes all traces of oil along with grime from the hair. Use a gentle shampoo if you must, and a good quality conditioner to replenish the lost natural oils. Regular Shampoo Make Hair Stronger

Stay Hydrated

It is true that dehydration of the body causes the hair to become drier as well. This causes more breakage and hair fall. Drink sufficient amount of water during the day to remain hydrated and have healthy nourished hair. Stay Hydrated To Make Hair Stronger

Hair Packs

Make a hair pack with two egg whites, half a cup of coconut oil and honey. This paste needs to be massaged into the scalp and hair gently from root to tip. After 15-20 minutes rinse it off and have squeaky clean, well nourished and stronger hair. Apply Hair Packs To Make Hair Stronger

Avoid Heat Treatments

While curls, waves or poker straight hair might look beautiful, they can be damaging to your hair in the long run. Despite the application of heat protectant products, these processes can affect the hair strands and make them weaker. This increases the incidence of hair fall. To have strong thick hair it is necessary to avoid these treatments and opt for the natural look. Avoid Heat Treatments To Make Hair Stronger

Lifestyle Changes

If you are a regular smoker, please note that smoking kills hair! When you smoke, there is a decrease in the blood flow during the body because of the lower oxygen availability in the body. This reduced blood flow affects the hair as well and makes it look drier and brittle. This increases incidence of hair fall. Stop smoking to have stronger healthier hair and body. These are some of the tips that are easy to follow and give good results when tried. Avoid Smoking To Make Hair Stronger

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