Top 8 Basic Aromatic Perfumes

Perfume is believed to be a symbol of fragrance and scent which is useful for removing odor but nowadays women uses it mostly for drawing attention of men towards them. Perfume is a blend of aromatic compounds and fragrant oils which produces a soothing and pleasing scent for others. Perfumes are of several types but there are 8 basic types of perfumes which performs the role of offering good scent to everyone.

Here Are Top 8 Basic Aromatic Perfumes

1. Fruit Based Perfumes

Fruit based perfumes contains aroma of delicious and tasty fruits like peach, mango, berry, apple and other juicy fruits. Such perfumes smell pleasant and can grab attention of anyone with their fruity aroma.

Fruit Based Perfumes

2. Floral Based Perfumes

Floral perfumes are those perfumes which contains the aroma of various sweet aroma flowers such as orange blossoms, roses, jasmine flower an other natural gardenias. Perfumes having floral aroma are recognize as perfumes of sweet and romantic aroma that delivers a feminine touch to its user. Floral perfumes are classy perfumes which is still a premier choice of females belonging to different age groups.

Floral Based Perfumes

3. Woody Perfumes

Woody perfumes are those perfumes which contains aroma of moss and wood. Such perfumes are mostly preferred by females because of its unisex appealing smell. However, females who works in corporate sector prefers it more due to its richness in chypre fragrances.

Woody Perfumes

4. Citrus Based Perfumes

Citrus based perfumes contains sweet aroma of citrus fruits. These perfumes offer a tangy feeling to its user and suits well to a personality of a person having bubbly nature. Citrus based perfumes are made from citrus fruits like mandarin, lime, lemon and oranges Citrus perfumes offers great refreshment and therefore it is advisable to use it during daytime when one feels too much tiredness.

Citrus Based Perfumes

5. Oriental Perfumes

Oriental perfumes are special perfumes which contains highly attractive essence of musk, amber and animistic an are ideal for wearing on any romantic night out or on some special events. Earthy and musky scents of oriental perfumes are also used to seduce someone special in one’s life.

Oriental Perfumes

6. Green Fragrances Perfumes

Green fragrances perfumes contains scents of fresh leaves of green trees and scents of newly mown grass. These perfumes are perfect for formal events where simplicity is utmost needed.

Green Fragrances Perfumes

7. Spicy Fragrances Perfumes

perfumes having scents or aroma of spices like pepper, cloves, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon are ideal perfumes for formal events and on any special day like wedding anniversary.

Spicy Fragrances Perfumes

8. Oceanic Perfumes

Oceanic perfumes are amazing perfumes which contains sweet fragrances of mountain air and clean linen along with some synthetic fragrances too. Oceanic fragrances are ideal for a person who wants to attend any interview or formal occasions organize in official premises.

Oceanic Perfumes

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