Top 7 Mineral Make Up Products To Enahnce Your Beauty

Mineral make up products are creating a lot of clamor in the nook and corners of fashion industry. Even the girl next door is pretty much enthused about knowing a little more about the product. Interestingly mineral make up products are available commercially since the 70’s when cosmetic chemist and founder of Bare Escentuals Diane Ranger brought the idea of bringing minerals to the fore in making cosmetic make up. Further digging into history reveals that use of mineral make up has been seen in various ancient civilizations like Egyptian, most famously by Queen Cleopatra. Mineral make up products are free of fragrance, use no chemicals for preservation. They are mostly made of talc, zinc oxide micronized titanium oxide, zinc oxide to make a light make up. Take a look at these 7 mineral make up products that have gained attention of one and all to enhance beauty the green and natural way.

Here Are The Top 7 Mineral Make Up Products To Enahnce Your Beauty:

1. MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Moisture

Made of absolutely natural and mineral components, the foundation product by MAC hydrates the skin as well as puts a foundation layer in your skin. It acts as a skin nourishment moisturizer for dry skin since it contains shea butter. MAC has also been doing the rounds in the Asian mineral make up market as well.

MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Moisture

2. English Make Up Mineral Company

A new entrant in the mineral make up product market, English Mineral Make-up Company has taken other products head on. The manufacturer offers as many as 30 different shades. The foundation does not give a bright coverage to the skin; rather it leaves soft touches on the skin if worn.

English Make up Mineral company

3. Bare Minerals Brightening Serum

The best selling mineral make up product in the world right now, bare MINERALS bare SKIN is the answer to all your oily skin issues. It gives nice matte finish to the skin and the liquid version of the same formula is even more effective as it diffuses in the skin evenly. The only must-do step will be shaking the serum well before use as it has the tendency to separate in liquid form. The loose powder is also worthy of trying.

Bare Minerals brightening serum

4. Bobbi Brown Skin Make Up SPF 15 Foundation Mineral

Unlike other make up foundation that gets caked after few minutes of application, Bobbi Brown is a refreshing improvement since it does not dry up on the skin. The best part is that it is very efficient as it sets on the blemishes and spots so well that the skin looks flawless. This is also a low maintenance mineral make up that calls for touch up only once after first application. Available in eight shades, it gives enough options to choose from for people with different skin tone. Pick your shade out!

Bobbi Brown Skin Make Up SPF 15 Foundation Mineral

5. Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation Pure Finish

The finely granule powder is absolutely light on skin and does not make the skin dry either. It is pretty much a layer that conceals skin imperfection despite being thin. The packaging scores bonus point.

Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation Pure Finish

6. L’Oreal Paris Mineral Foundation

Affordable pricing coupled with reliability; that’s L’Oreal for you. The light foundation claims to contain 95% minerals. A built-in brush comes in handy for application anywhere anytime.

L’Oreal Paris Mineral Foundation

7. No.7 Powder Foundation Mineral Perfection

Though available in only one shade that may not suit the extreme fair and dark tone, this mineral still packs a punch due to its price and for giving oil free look post application.

No.7 Powder Foundation Mineral Perfection

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