Top 7 Easy Tips To Do Perfect Fairy Eye Makeup

All of us love to wear the eye makeup. Especially when there is any party around then, we want some special themed makeup for the eyes. Well, there is a fresh and creative idea of wearing the eye makeup according to the fairy tale. Yes, the fairy eye makeup goes perfect with your eyes and gives you a very beautiful look. It is a perfect occasion makeup theme. You can try the beautiful pastel shades of the makeup on your eyes which makes you look like a true charming fairy. Wow, that sounds really amazing. You can read further to explore the best tips to do the fairy eye makeup. Make sure you use the quality products which go well with your skin.

So Here Are The Best Tips To Do The Perfect Fairy Eye Makeup:

1. Concealor:

First of all you need to start with concealor. It is applied to conceal and hide all the blemishes and marks on your skin especially around the eyes and forehead. To do the perfect fairy eye makeup, you need to make your skin clear, for that purpose you have to take a good quality concealor because it is the base of your makeup. Apply it nicely on the required areas around your eyes. Spread it with your finger tips.


2. Foundation:

The next step is the application of the suitable foundation on your skin. You cannot start the makeup above the concealor only. You need to cover it gently with foundation. Apply it by spread liberally with the applicator. Now your eyes are ready for the upcoming steps required to do the beautiful fairy eye makeup.


3. Defined Eyebrows:

You also need to define your eyebrows beautifully to do this theme of makeup. You can take the brown liner pencil for this purpose. It is the best liner color for the fairy eye makeup. It will help you to make you eyebrows more defined and attractive. So start applying the eyebrow pencil on the brows. Keep it thin at the edges as it makes the shape more charming.

Defined Eyebrows

4. Glittering Eye Shadows:

Now it is the turn of the most important step in the fairy eye makeup. It is the application of the perfect eye shadow combo. Well, you should choose the most beautiful pastel shades such as pink, peach, light blue etc. Apply them best combination of the eye shadow shades on your eyelids. You can shade the edges part with the dark shades too, to make the look smoky and impressive. Now you have to apply the glitter nicely to your eyes.

Glittering Eye Shadows

5. Liquid Eyeliner:

The next step in the guide to perfect fairy eye makeup is the application of the eye liner. It would be very good if you take the liquid eye liner for this purpose. It makes the look more fresh and lively. You can easily make the different curves with it. So start with applying a thin line. You can give a slightly curved look on the edges. It gives you the perfect fairy trend eyes.

Liquid Eyeliner

6. False Eyelashes:

You must have noticed in the fairytale books or the movies that fairies have such the beautiful and dense eye lashes. There lashes are beautifully curled. You can get this amazing fantasy effect with the usage of the false eye lashes. Take it and stick on your eye lashes. Press gently for few minutes and then see the beautiful eyes as of a fairy.

False Eyelashes

7. Swarovski Stickers:

Fairies are even observed with the lots of glitter and stickers in their makeup. So for this purpose you can take the colorful Swarovski stickers and apply one or two on the both the edges of your eyes. They will finish your makeup with the amazing wow look.

Swarovski Stickers

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