Top 6 Ultimate Workouts To Tone Up Your Body For The Wedding

Ultimate Workouts To Tone Up Your Body For The Wedding

It is a dream of every bride to look the best on their wedding to fit in that gorgeous outfit. To look the best, diet along with a little workout is always required. There are a set of fitness routines, which will help you look beautiful and curvy while walking down the walkway on the big day and also will fuel up the body with the required energy for the wedding preparation. These exercises are simple and do not require a gym or any heavy equipment. The workouts can be done easily in your bedroom. Just doing it for four weeks will help you get the perfect shape and the right mental fitness.

Four Week Wedding Workout For Brides

Bicep Locks

This exercise is to tone up your arms and shoulders. This is done with the help of dumbbells or with a couple of waters bottles filled with water. To begin with, hold the water bottles in both your hands. Keep your legs apart and place your palms inwards to your body. Never bend your back while doing the workout. Now, fold your elbows and lift the weight till your shoulders. Then, come back to the normal position. Repeat the same for 12 times.

Bicep Locks To Tone Up Your Body

Triceps Rise And Fall

Brides are the centre of attraction on the wedding day. Doing this exercise will help you in shaping your arms. This exercise does not involve any special equipment. All you need for this exercise is a chair. Place your hands away from your body backwards on the chair in a sitting pose and the fingers pointing towards your body. Lower your body and bend your elbows in such a way that your elbows are in 90 degrees. Then, come back to the original position by making your elbows straight. Repeat the same for 15 times.

Triceps rise and fall

Shoulder Presses

This exercise helps in strengthening your shoulder muscles and upper back. By toning your shoulder and upper back, you can wear strapless dress and tie-up hairdo. Dumbbells or water bottles filled with water can be used for this exercise. This is done in a standing posture with your knees slightly bent and legs apart shoulder distance. Place the weight in your hands, curve your elbows and palm facing your shoulder. Now, push the weights upwards towards your head by stretching your arms to make your elbows fully straight. Then, come back to the initial position. Repeat the same for 14 times.

Shoulder presses

Push Ups

Push-ups are the traditional exercise. They may seem as a typical arm exercise, but they come with a bundle of benefits. Push-ups not only tone your arms, but also your shoulder, abs and chest. Anybody can do this exercise regardless of his or her fitness level. The exercise is done with your face down towards the floor. Place the hands on the ground slightly apart and elbows straight. Place your foot on the floor in such a way that it is slantwise inclined with your body. Raise and lower the body by bending and stretching your elbows.  Make sure you keep your body straight. Repeat the same for 10 to 15 times, which depends on your strength.

Push Ups


This exercise has to be done in standing position. This is a very easy workout to do at home. Squats not only slim down your thighs, butt and legs, but it tightens your entire lower part of your body. Squats strengthen your calf muscles. Stand straight, place your feet apart a little and bend your knees a little. Gradually lower your body so that you are in sitting position such that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then, come back to the initial standing position. Make sure your back is kept straight. Repeat the same for 15 times. To make this exercise more effective, hold weight in both the hands.



This exercise is similar to the squats and it helps in toning and strengthening your lower body. Lunges tone thighs, calf muscles and legs. It does not require any equipment. It can be done at home listening to music or while watching television. Lunges will slim the lower part of your body. To begin, push your shoulders back in the standing position. Keep your left foot ahead a few feet in front of you and bend both your legs, so that your right foot knee is almost closer to the floor without placing on it.

The left thigh must be parallel to the floor. The same procedure has to be followed placing your right foot forward. By applying right pressure on your feet, raise back to the initial position. Repeat the same for 15 times.


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