Top 6 Super Simple Tips For a Beautiful Long Hair

Super Simple Tips For a Beautiful Long Hairs

A good volume of long hair is really our crowning glory. Everyone long to have it but everyone is not so lucky to have it. As the maintenance of long hair id little bit tough than maintain the short hair most women go for the short hair and stare at other women’s long hair with envy. But you also can have a beautiful long hair by practicing some simple methods. This article will give you some simple but super tips for a beautiful long hair.

Massage Oil on your Long Hair Daily

The best thing for long hair perhaps is massaging oil on your hair daily at least every alternate day. For massaging purpose you may take almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, etc. you can mix almond oil and olive oil in equal ratio as both are a good source of vitamin E which nourishes your hair and makes your hair super soft. Massaging almond and olive oil is necessary for your hair as it saves your hair from split ends. The last portion of a long hair is always neglected as brushing and combing do not reach there most of the time.

Massaging coconut oil daily on your hair is excellent as this oil contains saturated fatty acids, protein, water and different types of minerals which moisturizes, conditions, hydrates and nourishes your hair. It almost works like food of your long hair. But do not massage oil on your hair just before going to wash it. Give some time so that your scalp absorbs the oil. Better massage oil on your hair daily before going to bed at night. So that your hair gets enough time to absorb your hair. Oil massage also saves your hair from the commonest problem of long hair that is split ends.

Massage Your Long Hair Daily

A Weekly Egg Treatment

A weekly egg Treatment on your long hair is necessary. Egg is a good source of B vitamins, fat, protein and minerals. Break one egg and mix some castor oil in it. In one beaten egg mix 1 tablespoon castor oil. Castor oil enhances the growth of the hair. Mix well and apply it on your hair. Leave it for an hour. Then wash with any mild shampoo. You will get benefit.

Apply Egg On Your Hairs

A Weekly Hair Pack

A weekly hair pack is necessary to keep your long hair beautiful. To make this pack take some henna powder according to the length of the hair. Add little amount of amla or Indian gooseberry powder, yogurt and liquor of the tea to make it a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your hair. Be sure that every strand of hair has got the coat. Leave it to get dry. Then wash with plenty of normal water. This pack helps to enhance volume of your long hair.

Apply Heena Paste On Hairs

Daily Combing and Brushing of Hair is Necessary to Keep Your Hair Tangle Free

It is very necessary to comb and brush your hair daily. Comb and brush twice daily to keep it tangle free, so that your hair can breathe properly. But do not brush or comb wet hair as the root of the wet hair remains lose and combing and brushing wet hair may cause hair fall.

Daily Combing And Brushing Hairs

Regular Shampooing Your Hair is Necessary to Keep It Clean

To Shampoo your hair daily with any mild shampoo to keep your hair clean all the time. If you let dirt and oil accumulates on your hair, it will aggravate various problems like itchy scalp or dandruff. So shampoo your hair daily. But be sure that you have washed the shampoo completely otherwise the residue of the chemical that your shampoo contain may start hair fall problem.

Regular Shampooing Your Hair

A Good Diet

Mere hair Care is not enough. You need to follow good diet to keep your long hair beautiful. Eat plenty of lean protein like chicken. Add fishes like salmon, tuna and sweet water fishes in your daily diet as they are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Eat cod-liver oil daily. Eat iron rich foods like egg, liver and green herbs daily for the benefit of your long hair. Follow these simple tips sincerely and keep your long hair healthy and beautiful forever.

Good Diet Keep Your Long Hair Beautiful

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