Top 6 Celebrity Makeup Tricks

Have you always wondered how your favorite celebrities look so flawless? Sure they always have a make-up artist in tow but the secret their amazing makeup is not always expensive makeup products but simple tips and tricks that they have up their sleeves that we aren’t really aware of. Celebrities have a great features naturally but for those of us we did not win the genetic jackpot, there’s good news. You can now get a flawless makeup look thanks to these amazing tricks!

Here Are Top 6 Celebrity Makeup Tricks 

1. For A Dewy Look

Start with moisturizing your skin with a base cream and set it with a loose powder. This helps the foundation to stick to the skin for longer. Now, mix a bit of highlighter with your regular tinted moisturizer are apply it all over your face or any other areas you want a healthy glow. It blends easy and you can easily control the amount of shine on your skin.

For A Dewy Look

2. Lip Colour Trick

How me wished our lipsticks lasted longer. . One of celebrities’ favorite tricks is to use a eye shadow primer on the cupids bow of the lips. This helps you lock the lip color for longer. Take the primer on a thin brush and trace along the lines of your lips like you would apply lip liner. Then go in and fill in your lips with a lip color and it will stick all day long.

Lip Colour Trick

3. Mascara Trick

We always apply mascara with the small brush that the product comes with. Celebrities, however, mostly apply the mascara with a fan brush. It is especially helpful if you are wearing false lashes because it is gentle on them and keeps them from falling out. You can apply it directly from the bottle or you could put it on a pallet and dip the brush in it. Apply it to the roots, working outwards.

Mascara Trick

4. Contour And Blush Trick

Having difficulty finding out where to contour? Simply suck your cheeks in and follow the hollow. We tend to smile and put on blush thus bringing the color down when we stop smiling. The idea is to use blush a little higher so that it doesn’t come down too much when you stop smiling. For maximum effect, use two colors. Use the darker color on the apples of your cheeks and then work it back to the hollows. Then go in with a lighter color and light it just to the apples of your cheeks. This adds depth to the color.

Contour And Blush Trick

5. Eye Liner Trick

Apply a white eyeliner (with a white eye pencil) all over your eyelid before you go in with an eye shadow. This really pops the eye open especially if you are wearing a light colored eye shadow. We all know that applying white eyeliner on the waterline can make the eyes look wider but sometimes it can merge with the skin color. To avoid this, apply a white eyeliner to your water line and go in with a peachy lip liner over it. Another handy trick is if you don’t like the glossy effect of the eyeliner, you can use a black eye shadow over the liner to give it a matte effect.

Eye Liner Trick

6. Foundation Trick

Apply foundation onto your skin with your fingertips and wait for a minute or two. This gives the foundation time to warm up to your body’s natural temperature, thereby making it easier to blend flawlessly. Also consider a translucent powder instead of color compact powder. Sometimes powders claim that they are translucent but they do have a yellowish undertone to them. A translucent powder sets everything without making you look cakey.

 Foundation Trick

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