Top 5 Yoga Stretches To Jump-Start Your Day

Yoga Stretches To Jump-Start Your Day

Every day is to be celebrated and for it you need to have a fresh, peaceful, and enthusiastic mind and body. Performing yoga stretches in the morning refreshes your mind and body by improving blood circulation throughout the body. Even if you don’t find time in busy morning hours to hit the gym, you can perform certain yoga poses that can boost your energy to help you start the day with great enthusiasm.

Here Are Five Prominent Yoga Poses That You Can Perform To Jump-Start Your Day With Enthusiasm:

Standing Half Moon Pose

When performing this yoga stretch, you need to stand with feet joined together and toes touching each other, and heels placed slightly apart. Raise your hands overhead, join your palms, and interlace the fingers with pointer finger released. Then make a side body stretch in the right. Take three to five breaths and then repeat the same steps on the left side. If you have tight shoulders, bend your elbows and join your wrists. This yoga stretch opens up the rib case and your side body.

Standing half moon pose

Forward Fold

Stand and join your feet and big toes with heels separated a bit. Then, hinge at your hips and bend forward down making an inverted ‘U’ shape. Take three to five breaths. This beneficial yoga pose improves the flexibility of your spine as you stretch your entire back of the body. Also, it enables cerebral spinal fluid to bathe your brain.

Forward fold

Chair Pose

Stand and bring feet together, toes touching each other, and heels placed slightly apart. Slowly bend your knees and sit with the hips down and straight back. Stretch your arms straight out in the front bending the elbows or raise your arms with biceps touching the ears. Take five breaths. This yoga pose helps develop strength in your legs.

Chair pose

Low Lunge

Place one of your feet back and release knee of that foot to the floor. Make sure that your front knee is stacked over the ankle. Lift our shoulders and chest and take three to five breaths. You can also raise your arms up overhead for a better stretch. This yoga pose improves the flexibility and strength in your legs, hips, arms, abdomen, knees, and back.

Low lunge

Reclined Twist

Lie on the floor on your back and bring your right knee to your chest. Then, float the right knee in the folded position to the left side gently. Catch the knee with left hand and stretch the right arm along the floor to the right. Gaze to the right side or look straight up. Repeat the same steps on the left side. This yoga posture helps twist your spine and massages your organs, thus making you feel refreshed.

Reclined Twist

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