Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy In The Monsoon

Monsoon brings a great relief after scorching heat of the summer. It rejuvenates us and we forget to take proper care of our body in this joy. But, monsoon brings a noticeable change in weather and immunity level of the body becomes low during monsoon. Low immunity system means your body and skin become infection prone. Remaining continuously in hot and humid weather gear up various skin problems especially in the later part of the monsoon. Monsoon weather is the breeding agent of various bacterial and fungal infections. So it is better to take prompt and regular skin care to keep your skin in good health even in the monsoon also.

Here Are Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy In The Monsoon

1. Wear Dry Clothes And Keep Your Body Dry

Humidity level of weather in the monsoon is very high. So it is necessary to keep your body dry all the time. Before wearing your attire, check that they are clean and sun dried properly. After bathing or washing your skin wipe it dry completely. Sprinkle talcum powder on your body before wearing your dress. It serves to keep your skin. Always wear cotton cloth in summer to allow air circulation inside your attire and keep your body dry. But, if you wear a dress made of synthetic material that does not allow air circulation, it makes your body moister in this humid weather.

Wear Dry Clothes And Keep Your Body Dry

2. Additional Supply Of Vitamin C

In monsoon to remain fit, we need vitamin C in good amount. Lack of Vitamin C gears up various skin problems in monsoon like acne, pimple, black heads, white heads, itching, eczema, etc. To get rid of these problems you have to supply your body a good amount of vitamin C. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C. Drink at least a glass of lemon water daily to boost up your immunity system and massage lemon juice daily on your body. Take 2-3 tablespoons of your body oil and squeeze one lemon in it. Mix well and massage it on your whole body at least 30 minutes before taking the regular shower. It helps a lot to keep your skin not only acne and itching free, but to glow in monsoon. Do this oil massage at least once a week.

Vitamin C

3. Natural Skin Toner

Regular application of non alcoholic skin toner is needed in monsoon to maintain its elasticity. Press some fresh mint leaves or cucumber in the vegetable pressure to remove the juice. Preserve them in the refrigerator. Apply this chilled juice on your skin with the help of a cotton ball. It really works to maintain its elasticity.

Skin Toner

4. Weekly Mixed Fruit Pack

A weekly mixed fruit pack is needed in monsoon. Gather all the fruits that you get at your place at this time. Peach, plum, pears, mango, ripe papaya, etc. are widely available fruit in summer. Cut all these fruits and add them in your grinder. Grind them to paste and apply them on your skin in a thick layer. Leave them to get dry and then wash with normal water. All these fruits are a good source of various nutrients and beta carotene, the antioxidant that saves your skin from the aging process.

Weekly Mixed Fruit Pack

5. Antiseptic Body Pack

Fungal infection is very common in the monsoon. To save your skin from that infection, grind some fresh lilac leaves and raw turmeric and apply them on your entire body. Wearing socks in this moist season may create a fungal infection on toes. For this reason take a special care of your toes applying a good amount of this paste there to avoid various skin problems as both lilac and turmeric has antiseptic. Weekly application of this pack is needed to keep your skin problem free in monsoon.

Antiseptic Body Pack

Follow these tips to keep your skin beautiful in this monsoon.

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