Top 5 Tips For A Natural Beauty

Who does not wants to look good? Well, we all do. However, for any girl, it is best compliment ever if she is called a ‘natural-beauty’. Now, what is a Natural Beauty? While some might say being born beautiful is ‘natural beauty’, for the others it could be managing to look gorgeous sans-makeup. For us women, however, makeup is as vital as breathing! Actually. Going without make-up even sounds torturous; forget actually doing it for real. But, imagine having to wake-up every single day to a gorgeous you, without the effect of makeup. This, my dear ladies, is very much possible, with a few pointers to follow and you can achieve the ‘natural beauty’ look.

Here Are Top 5 Tips For A Natural Beauty

1. Sunscreen

The foremost to great skin is a religious dedication to sunscreen. With the summer sun screeching down your necks, be sure to splatter-on a generous amount of sunscreen on your exposed skin to avoid unwanted skin-damage. Harmful exposure to sun is one of the major reasons that lead to pre-mature aging and wrinkles. Sun burns can leave you with un-wanted scars and patches, some of which are stubborn. Make your sunscreen your moisturizer and apply it after having washed your face with a face-wash.


2. Exfoliation

Just below that dull and flaky-skin lies a gorgeous layer of healthy skin that is waiting to be exposed. For this you need to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead-skin layer from top to bring-out the healthy skin beneath. This can be done in various ways. Using a good scrub and in morning along with your cleaning ritual is a good idea. Scrubbing gently removes the dry skin from the surface of the skin, thus, giving you a brand-new layer of skin to relish. If you are the naturally ‘natural-type’, mix in Baking Soda with water to gently exfoliate your skin.


3. Touch-Me-Not

Literally! Foremost rule to avoid skin-problems is to keep your hands-off yourself. Do not touch your face unnecessarily, as this only enhances more chances of a break-out. Since our hands could be just about anywhere, contamination through transfer of germs is one of the most common reasons to stubborn marks on the face. Some of us have the habit of touching and feeling the pimples on the face, this is a strict ‘no-no’. Do not touch your face or even allow others to touch your face! Quite Touchy? Well, no not at all.


4. Vitamin C Intake

A nice tall glass of freshly squeezed Orange juice is one for the best ways to treat your skin. Yes, Vitamin C is a vital essential when it comes to get out your ‘inner-natural-beautiful’ you. For this be sure to get your dose of citrus either in the form of warm water with lemon zest or just a nice glass of orange juice. Within a couple of weeks, you are sure to notice positive changes in your skin, as it will feel and look revived.

vitamin c

5. Night Cream

My personal favorite and a sure-short way to waking-up beautiful is a nice, thick night cream. Now, when I say a Night cream, it does not mean it has to be one of those ‘labeled-night creams’. You just need to get your hands on a nourishing face cream that suits your skin and apply it luxuriously all over your face, neck and hands. Trust me, in a few days or maybe just overnight you will find yourself waking-up to a naturally beautiful you. This is mainly because night-time is meant for you to relax and so does your skin. For all that nourishment to reach the inner-layers of your skin without having various pollutants to cling-on your cream, make sure to follow this particular beauty-tip.Well, ladies, now you know what it takes to look good ‘naturally’. So, just go ahead and embrace these simple-yet-effective beauty tips to get that natural beauty waiting to pop-out!

Night Cream

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