Top 5 Tips For A Budget Friendly Makeover

Tips For A Budget Friendly Makeover Are you bored of the way you look? Does it seem that you haven’t changed your hair style for years or is your wardrobe so boring that even your colleagues are predicting what you will be wearing the next day? If yes, then why not consider giving yourself a makeover. The very thought of it may coax you into calculating your investments and additional costs but a makeover doesn’t really have to be that expensive. Here are 10 budget friendly tips to give yourself a makeover-

1. Change Your Hair Style And Color

One of the easiest and the most economical ways of starting off with the makeover would be changing your hair color and cut. Now for this, you really don’t need to spend a fortune. You can go to a stylist, who is tried and tested by you. You have to tell them that you plan on a makeover and ask for suggestions. You can also take the picture of your favorite celebrity to get a similar look. Pick a color that enhances your personality and of course suits the skin. Don’t do anything drastic like shifting from brunette to blonde. But how about some blonde streaks. For a younger look opt for bangs or fringes. Change your hair style and color

2. Makeup

The next step in the makeover would be makeup. If you were someone who was always bold with colors and makeup, then you should try the subtle approach. Opt for natural shades that enhance your personality without making you look older. If you were always subtle, then get a little bolder with colors. Think neons and reds for a chic look. Now remember that experimenting with makeup should be done gracefully because these are things that go horribly wrong. So don’t shy away from trying a few tips and tricks at free makeup session at malls or salons. You also need to learn the art of makeup so that you can do it at home, learn a few tips and tricks like plucking the eyebrow or smokey eyes. Makeup

3. Wardrobe

The most important part of your makeover comes from the wardrobe. So if you are on a budget, do some shopping during sales, if you are lucky enough to have some extra bucks, then buy whenever you please. When it comes to wardrobe makeovers, first do get rid of things that you don’t need. Then start off with a list of things that you need, especially the basics like a little black dress, work outfits and of course party wear. Experiment with styles that compliment your silhouette and make you look different too. Do not fear of experimentation, but if you want to keep it safe, consult a stylist about how to keep it versatile and chic. Wardrobe

4. Accessorize

Without accessories, the entire makeover ordeal can never be complete. So think of adding some new accessories to your wardrobe staples. Think about a huge bag, which doubles for both work and post work outings. Add some stylish scarves, hats and even sunglasses. These may be small things but they add to the complete makeover look. Get your ears or nose pierced if you want to get something bolder!


5.  Skin And Body Care

Now a makeover cannot be complete without some internal cleaning and taking good care of your skin and body. Go in for a couple of facial sessions to revamp the way you look. Indulge in some exercises like walking or running or even yoga. All of this combined will give you a nice glow. Do a detoxifying diet at least once in a month. It can be done for a day and flushes out toxins from the body. Skin and body care

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