Top 5 Summer Super Foods For A Glowing Skin

Summer Super Foods For A Glowing Skin

In summer season due to the high temperature we have choose our foods very carefully. As heavy and spicy may cause indigestion problem in the time of summer. So, we have to take light and nutritious foods in summer as they are easy to digest in summer season. There are several fruits are available in the globe which has high water content and has lots of mineral salt in it. Try to include the specified super foods in the daily food chart of the summer season.

Here Are The Top 5 Summer Super Foods For A Glowing Skin:

Water Melon:

Water Melon is a superb fruit to eat in summer as it is a natural source of electrolytes which helps in replenishing the water level in your body and it is easily available in summer. It contains vital minerals and it also has high water content in it. Water Melon is enriched with vital nutrients like vitamin C, beta carotene, lycopene, potassium and Iron in it. Daily consumption of this fruit in summer treats dehydration problem from your body. It is also a superb fruit which removes fatigue due to heavy sweating in summer from your body.

Water melon


Yogurt is also another great food item which is highly suitable for consumption in summer. It is also rich in protein but light food for you. It contains lots of minerals in it and thus a healthy food option for summer. It is also rich in electrolyte components and thus good to eat in summer time. It also provides you required energy in your body. It is a healthy source of good bacteria and thus it is good to consume for a healthy digestive system.


Orange Juice:

Orange juice is power packed with all the vital nutrients thus it is good to eat in summer season. It contains vitamin C which is basically an anti oxidant and removes the toxins from our body efficiently. It contains so many minerals in it like calcium, Iron, zinc and potassium. Orange juice increases the immunity level in our body and thus it keeps you away from infectious diseases in summer.

Apply Orange Juice


Try roasted nuts as an afternoon snack in summer. It is as healthy as it is rich in vital nutrients that provide lots of energy in summer as we feel so tires due to sweating in summer. As it is roasted it is so healthy and do not provide high calorie like fried foods. It is rich in vitamin E and A that are important for your skin.



It is also rich in electrolyte compounds which are important for our body in summer time. Pomegranate is also high in water level and thus it is good to eat in summer. It is also rich in vitamin E and lycopene which gives you glowing skin in summer.


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