Top 5 Secrets To Get Red Lips Naturally

A pair of red beautiful lips have appealing aspect which makes you attractive. In general, all people are not fortunate enough to posses red lips. Though brown lips are attractive and sexy for a man, it is highly unwanted things for an woman. Women with dark lips always want to get rid of these dark lips. Causes of dark lips can be many – heredity, excessive sun exposure, allergic reaction, using low grade cosmetic products, chewing tobacco, excessive smoking, hormonal imbalance, etc. Whatever may be the cause, dark lips can be removed with proper natural cares.

This Article Will Give You A Few Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

1. Rice Powder And Yogurt

It is necessary to exfoliate the skin at regular basis. Mix a pinch of rice powder with sour yogurt. Apply a thick layer of this mixture on your lips. Massage gently. It will help to remove dead and tan skin from the upper layer of the lips. Thus being unclogged, the skin of the lips can breathe properly and makes lip skin healthy. Moreover, yogurt here works as natural bleach and helps to remove tanned skin due to exposure to sun or excessive drinking of tea and coffee or excessive smoking.

Rice Powder And Yogurt

2. Lemon Juice And Sugar

Mix lemon juice and sugar granules and rub it gently in a roundabout way. Sugar granules will help to remove the dead and tanned skin and lemon juice will help to erase tan and other dark spots of the skin and makes lips able to reback its original color.


3. Milk And Fuller’s Earth

Mix 2-3 pinches of fuller’s earth with full cream milk. Apply it on your lips. Leave it to get dry and then wash with normal water. Regular application of this product helps to remove sun tan and damaged skin. Milk hydrates and moisturizes skin and makes it healthy supplying the necessary nutrients to the skin. This measures help to make your lips red.


4. Coconut Oil And Beet Juice

Mix a few drops of pure coconut oil and a few drops of freshly extracted beet juice. Mix well and preserve, it in the refrigerator. Massage it daily on the lips at bed time. You will get the benefit.


5. Aloevera And Pomegranate

Mix fresh aloevera gel and some pomegranate seeds. Apply a thick layer of this mixture on your lips every alternate day. You will soon get a pair of red lips.


Follow these measures along with adequate drinking of plain water. You will soon have a pair of red and plump lips.

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