Top 5 Nivea Face Cleansers

Using a soap to wash your face is always a bad idea especially during summer where you tend to get wet and sweaty. This is because soap can further dehydrate your skin and can cause more harm than good. Your face won’t look fresh and rejuvenated if you continue to use soap for a prolonged time. The dust and pollution in our atmosphere can stick on our face making it dark and dull. The only solution to this problem is using a proper facewash in order to maintain a healthy and bright skin. One of the best facewash brands available at stores is Nivea where the ingredients used are mild and nutritious for our skin.

Here Are Top 5 Nivea Face Cleansers

1. Nivea Pure Effect – Total Face Clean Up

This is an ideal product for all ladies as it contains a gentle and mild formula which can illuminate your skin instantly. People with oily to normal skin tone can use this product. Apart from using this as a face wash, it serves various purposes like face pack and scrub. Pimples and dark spots can vanish if you use this Nivea face wash continuously. It can eliminate dust and microbes present on our skin surface as well.

Nivea Pure Effect – Total Face Clean Up

2. Nivea Daily Essentials – Gentle Face Wash

The calendula extracts and pure almond oil present in this face wash makes it a great item for all skin types. It can be used from dry to sensitive skinned ladies as the texture of this item is soft and smooth. It keeps the skin hydrated and moist. Use this face wash on a daily basis at least twice a day to keep your skin clean and supple. Your skin gets refreshed and rejuvenated every time you use this cleanser.

Nivea Daily Essentials – Gentle Face Wash

3. Nivea Visage – Skin Refining Scrub

This face wash plus scrub is suitable for all skin types. The slight pigmentation and minute granules can exfoliate our skin making it soft and fresh. Rub it on your face and gently massage for a few minutes. It can remove the dirt residing in the depths of our skin. The pro-vitamin B5 content helps to nourish the skin as well. This face wash can save your skin from getting damaged due to harmful weather and toxic waste in the air.

Nivea Visage – Skin Refining Scrub

4. Nivea Aqua Effect – Purifying Face Wash

This cleanser contains beneficial ingredients for our skin like lemongrass and rice extracts. Together they make a great combination in unclogging the blocked and congested skin pores. Use it at least twice or thrice a day for best results. It can awaken the dull skin by retaining the natural moisture and dampness of our skin and at the same time maintains the sebum content at normal level at all times. This product is a great tool for working ladies as it can give an instant brightness after usage.

Nivea Aqua Effect – Purifying Face Wash

5. Nivea Visage – Sparkling Glow Fairness Face Wash

Women who are striving to attain a fair complexion can opt for this face wash. It purifies the skin in an effective manner. The active ingredients present in this cleanser are Parfum and Cera Alba which contains the ability to brighten up our skin. In addition to this, it aids in keeping our skin moist and healthy. This product can be used by all skin types. Use it constantly for at least 2-3 months to get improved skin tone.

Nivea Visage – Sparkling Glow Fairness Face Wash

Try any of the Nivea face cleansers above to get better skin tone and health.

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