Top 5 Natural Ingredients For Make-up Removal

In this modern era, wearing make-up has become a common thing for most ladies. This means removal of make-up is also necessary as it is a crucial thing to be done after coming home and having a rest. It is not advisable to go to bed with your make up still on as it can clog the skin cells which can lead to skin related problems in the future. It doesn’t matter whether it is simple mascara or heavy make-up, they must be removed at the end of the day. Physicians suggest that our face must be free of cosmetics and make-up during the night to allow the skin to refresh and rejuvenate properly. Make up can be easily removed by using natural ingredients rather than using the chemical based make-up removers found in market. Nature is always the safest and best way to avoid side effects.

Here Is A List Of Natural Make Up Removers That You Can Try At Home:

1. Almond Oil And Milk

Take a teaspoon of milk and add a few drops of almond oil to it. Mix well. Use a cotton ball and dab the mixture gently on your face. Then wash your face with a mild face wash. Milk has the ability to revive the texture of your skin. It also helps in protecting and retaining the natural moisture of the skin. On the other hand, almond oil eases the make-up removal process. It also contains the components essential for a healthy skin condition.

Almond Oil and Milk

2. Rose Water

Rose water is one of the ideal items used in make-up removal. You can directly dip some cotton wool in rose water and apply it on your face. It can remove heavy make-up easily and at a quicker pace. Rose water also has the capability to remove the grease, dirt and dust on the surface of the skin. So it can keep the skin bright and clear.

Rose Water

3. Olive Oil And Tea Tree Oil

Mix equal amounts of olive oil and tea tree oil. Apply the mixture on your face and massage in a circular motion. Then wipe off the oil using a cotton pad until all the make-up is removed. This combination can nurture and cultivate a healthy skin. A few drops of almond oil can also be mixed with these oils before application.

Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil

4. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is always known for its rejuvenating quality. Cut cucumber into circular pieces and grind them well. You can add a little water while grinding. Strain to obtain the juice. Use a cotton pad and apply the juice on your face. You can also use this cucumber extract to wash your face. It can quickly remove the make-up and at the same time aids in pacifying irritated skin as cucumber is anti-inflammatory. This juice also helps in refreshing dull and worn-out skin.

Cucumber Juice

5. Jojoba Oil

This oil is best suited for women with oily skin as it resembles our sebum. It won’t fill up the pores as it mixes with the excess sebum. In fact this oil helps the pores to breath well. Jojoba oil can be used directly or it can be mixed with Vitamin E oil for better results. Rub this oil on your face and massage gently for a few minutes. Then take a cotton ball and wipe away the oil. In the process the make-up gets removed automatically. Lastly wash your face with a mild cleanser.

Jojoba Oil

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