Top 5 Incredible Fruits For Hair Growth

Incredible Fruits For Hair Growth

A trendy hair style or any expensive hair-styling gel or spray can’t make up the thin texture and poor health of your hair, only when you are healthy inside.

On the other side, the more people are getting aware of the negative effects of putting diverse chemicals on skin and hair as well; they seem to be more inquisitive to be treated by natural ingredients and one of the best ways to get healthy and lustrous tresses is to staple few fruits to your daily diet. Packed with huge amount anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients these fruits are not only beneficial for your hair but also for your skin and overall health.

Read on to know which fruits are beneficial for your hair growth.

Here Are The Top 5 Incredible Fruits For Hair Growth:


Vitamin C is one of the essential compounds that help to boost hair-growth immensely; hence vitamin C enriched citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons are quite beneficial for hair growth. Apart from vitamin C, oranges also preserve beta carotene, magnesium, fiber, flavnoids etc. which contributes to the over well being of the hair. Moreover, vitamin A, c and E in oranges are also good for the skin too.



Strawberries, the cute heart shaped lustrous fruits are loaded with a great deal of health and beauty benefits and ensuring healthy hair is one of them. As strawberries contain silica, one important compound that promotes hair growth and also cures baldness. Moreover, the good amount of vitamin B and C in strawberries even aids in straightening the hair.



Well, the health benefits of this fruit needs no further declaration and another point to be added to that list could be promoting hair growth. Packed with anti-oxidants, phenolic properties, soluble fiber and loads of vitamins and minerals, apple stimulates hair growth and also nourishes its root to make hairs stronger.



One of the fruit that you can rely on without any second thought for hair growth could be none but avocados. Loaded with pretty decent amount of vitamin B, C and E, beta carotene, avocados are immensely beneficial for the health of your adorable tresses. Avocados even help to transport the required amount of oxygen to the cells and make the capillary walls stronger and at the same time increases scalp circulation. Additionally, the fatty acids in avocados also work as a rich natural conditioner for your hair.



Bananas preserve a good amount of vitamin B, potassium, fiber, magnesium, pectin, minerals which are the potent compounds that stimulate hair growth and also ensure the well being of the each strand of your hair and side by side reduces hair-fall problem.


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