Top 5 Home Remedies For Hair Fall

Hair fall is just as heart-breaking as being dumped, or maybe even worse. A good head of hair is a sign of good health and youth. However, with the ever growing stress in our daily lives, hair-loss is a sure sign of the fact that somewhere we are neglecting our crowning glory. There are various factors that can lead to hair loss and here are a few easy-breezy home-remedies to get rid of hair-fall and even baldness.

Here Are Top 5 Home Remedies For Hair Fall

1. Aloevera

Aloe Vera is your perfect beauty ingredient when it comes to hair and skin. All you need is either the leaf part or even the stalk region of the plant. The jelly-like component that oozes out when you break the leaf is the ‘Aloe-gel’. This gel can be directly applied all over the hair and scalp like a head-mask for about half-an-hour and then rinsed-off. Keep in mind that your hair should be washed prior to applying the mask. Sometimes, harmful ingredients present in the natural Aloe-Vera gel might cause you a great deal of harm; for this, it is best to boil the pulp in water and then apply the extract. Do this twice or thrice a week for best results.

Aloevera Gel

2. Indian Gooseberry

The Indian Gooseberry is the ‘holy-grail’ for good hair. This fruit can be consumed in many forms, either as preservatives in the form of jams and jellies or consumed as juice. For more cosmetic approach, you can also apply  directly on your hair. For this, you need a few dried Gooseberries and some coconut oil. Boil the fruit in the oil till it turns black in color. Now, strain and pour the extract and allow to cool. Apply the concoction all over scalp and leave for around an hour before you wash your hair.

 Indian Gooseberry

3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is known to provide shine and bounce to dull and brittle hair. For those of you suffering from patchy baldness, Fenugreek is your answer. To get the best out of this herb, you need to take a cup of Fenugreek seeds and soak them in water overnight. Next morning grind the seeds and apply the paste all over your head. Other than a blissful cooling-effect of the pack, you are also providing your locks with the ultimate nourishment therapy. Wash your hair after about forty-minutes for best results.

Fenugreek paste

4. Yogurt

When it comes to heal dandruff, nothing is as effective as the good old Yogurt. This simple ingredient is known to eradicate the stubborn problem of dandruff by treating the infected scalp. For even better results, you can combine yogurt with lemon extract and a few tea-spoons of Honey. You can shampoo as usual after thirty minutes with normal to cold water to remove every trace of yogurt from hair.


5. Onion

Sounds strange, but this bad-smelling vegetable is best known for hair problems. Known to be loaded with high content Sulfur, Onion juice helps get rid of infection from the scalp by eliminating the bacterial growth. By increasing the blood-circulation in the hair-follicles, Onion juice enhances hair growth at the root-level. For this, all you need to do is grind one or two onions and strain the juice. Now apply the juice all over the scalp and cover with a shower-cap for best results. Wash your hair after an hour thoroughly with shampoo, keeping in mind to protect your eyes from the strong sting of Onion.

Onion Juice

These are a few home remedies that have been tried and tested and have proven to fetch best results. Some of them might be a little messy, but nothing short of the best for your luxurious locks. So, go ahead and pick up what is best suited for your hair needs and nothing can stop you from achieving the kind of hair you so-desire.

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