Top 5 Home Remedies For Fast Pimple Removal

Having pimples have become a common problem and are faced by almost all ladies on earth. When the oil glands or sacs become infected with microbes, it causes inflammation of skin. As a result, the skin swells. Sometimes thick pusses also form within the swellings. This is not a serious issue but when we have to attend important parties and functions, having huge pimples can be embarrassing. Many lotions are available at market to heal pimples but they will take some time. You can opt for home remedies that can work at a quicker pace. Furthermore, homemade tips are safe from side effects as well.

Here Is A List Of Top 5 Home Remedies For Fast Pimple Removal

1. Steam Therapy

Steam is one of the ideal ways to avoid pimples. You can go for steam bath or simply steam up your face twice or thrice a day for instant results. It can open the pores and eliminate the clogged bacteria and dirt. Continuous therapy can remove the puss as well. The inflammation can get reduced and another advantage of steam therapy is it controls further bacterial infection. In addition to these, steam can remove blackheads, purifies the skin and makes the skin flawless.

Steam Therapy

2. Tea Tree Oil

Simply obtain a cotton ball and dab tea tree oil on the pimples. Allow it to dry and wash off with a mild cleanser. This is an effective remedy that can work fast. Follow this technique on a daily basis to get the desired results. This oil contains anti-bacterial property which can battle off the microbes and germs from the skin. Tea tree oil can sooth and pacify the inflamed skin as well. Plus, it can give you a blemish-free skin.

Tea Tree Oil

3. Aloe Vera

The white gel of aloevera plant has numerous benefits for our skin. It is also a natural sure for pimples. Extract some aloevera gel and apply it directly on the affected area. Instead, you can also mix it with either almond oil or tea tree oil. Wash off after half an hour. However, it is not recommended to use tea tree oil if you have a sensitive skin. For instant results, do this at least thrice a day. Aloe vera is effective in removing blackheads and whiteheads as well.

Aloe Vera

4. Toothpaste

Using toothpaste as a quick remedy for pimples has been followed since the ancient days. The compounds in toothpaste can deflate the swelling. It can eliminate the puss and dirt in the glands too. Simply rub a little toothpaste on the pimple areas once every morning when you brush your teeth. You can also apply toothpaste at night before going to bed. Either way, wash your face with cold water.


5. Lemon

The citric acid in lemon is a boon for pimple removal. Simply apply lemon juice on the affected areas. Do not do this if your skin is sensitive as it can inflame your skin further. Mix some rosewater with lemon juice to make it less acidic before application. Lemon juice can kill the microbes leaving a fresh and purified skin. Regular usage of lemon juice can make your skin fair and spotless. It can brighten up dull and gloomy skin tones. Follow this therapy twice a day for best outcomes.


Try any of the remedies above to get a pimple free skin within a short period of time.

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