Top 5 Fat Burning Juices

Fat Burning Juices

Everyone wants the perfect body shape and tries hard to lose the extra fat from the body. in order to get the best result people try a lot of dieting routines, exercises and other stuffs to look beautiful and fat free but instead of all of this hard work the results are sometimes not up to the expectations. Nut you would be surprised to know that you can burn away the extra fat from the body just by including some fruits and vegetable juices to your daily routine. If you are not sure of what is being talked about then here goes the list of top fat burning juices.

Here Are The Top 5 Fat Burning Juices:

Tomato And Cucumber Juice

Both tomato and cucumber are rich in fibres that help in maintaining the sugar level of the body and helps in keeping you full. The juice helps in controlling the appetite and you can easily get rid of the extra fat from the body.

Tomato and cucumber juice

Water Cress And Carrot Juice

Water cress is a rich source of fibres and anti oxidants which help in regulating the bowel movement and improve the overall digestive health. When mixed with carrot it makes a perfect combination to burn away the fat. It is advisable to consume the juice in morning to get best results.

Water cress and carrot juice

Celery And Beet Juice

Both celery and beet are rich in a number of useful anti oxidants that helps in removing the harmful toxins from the body. Not only this, the fibre present in celery is very useful in maintain the digestive health. Grab a glass of celery and beet juice daily to get the benefits.

Celery and beet juice

Spinach And Apple Juice

Spinach is rich in vitamin E, fibres, iron and folates which are very beneficial for the overall health of the body. Apple is also a rich source of dietary fibres and both of them are perfect to get rid of the toxic wastes from the body.

Spinach and apple juice

Grape Fruit And Yellow Pepper

Grape fruit is a rich source of vitamin C which is very helpful in improving the overall body functionality. When mixed with yellow pepper it forms an effective way to burn away the extra fat from the body.

Grape fruit and yellow pepper

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