Top 5 Fashion Tips For Oversized Women

Being oversized does not mean to say that you can never look fabulous. Generally people like slim and trim body and slim body are regarded as a matter of beauty. But, everybody is not so lucky to have that. In spite of following several dieting methods and rigorous exercises you may be oversized. There is nothing to brood over that. Right type of fashion sense will make you not less beautiful than any slim or trim person. This article will give you some fashion tips which not only make you look stunning, but will make you visually slim by two to three sizes.

Here Are Top 5 Fashion Tips For Oversized Women

1. Wear Well-Fitted Undergarments

The first and foremost thing to give your body shape is to wear well-fitting undergarments. Do not compromise with the brand and price of the undergarments. Buy the best type of undergarments that your pocket permits. Right fitted undergarments helps to hold the excess fat and muscle of your body and gives you a trimmer shape.

Wear Well-Fitted Undergarments

2. Wear Right-Fitted Attire

Do not wear oversized or very tight attire. Oversize attire will make you look more bulky and tight attire will make your fat layer prominent. So, it is always better to wear custom-made dress than the ready-made one. If you go for the ready-made one alter it if it is needed.

 Wear Right-Fitted Attire

3. Always Wear Dark Colored Attire

The color of the dress also matters if you are a little bit oversized. Black and other dark color is the most suitable colors for them than light color as dark color absorbs light and do not reflect it. Light color reflects light and makes your appearance look larger. Never wear a dress made from shiny material as shiny material reflects light. Always go for the matte one.

Always Wear Dark Colored Attire

4. Wear Garments Of Small Pattern

Whenever it comes to the pattern of the cloth always go for small pattern if you have a larger size body. Small floral patterns, small dots, small geometrical pattern will give you smaller look whereas if you wear large floral or geometrical pattern, it will make you voluminous by look.

 Wear Garments Of Small Pattern

5. Choose Different Color For Top And Bottom When You Wear Two Pieces Garments

Wear Dress By Contrast

Assume you are wearing a shirt and skirt, then wear light top and dark bottom or vice versa. Follow the same rule when you are wearing shirt and pants. This will serve to bring a curve to your body.

Wear Dress By Contrast

Wear Vertical Strips

Whenever you go for striped cloth, chose vertical stripe. It will make you look tall and slim. If you wear horizontal stripe, it will make you look fattier.

Wear Vertical Strips

Follow these tips to become attractive when you are little bit oversized.

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