Top 5 Best Sunscreens For Dry Skin

Dry skin demands more protection and care when compared to other skin types. It can even become worse when climate changes are drastic. During winter seasons, you must apply proper moisturizers and creams to avoid the skin from becoming dry and parched. The same thing applies in summer seasons where you have to use sunscreen lotions to save your skin form the harmful sun rays. However, sunblock lotions must be chosen carefully as dry skin is more sensitive and delicate. Many kinds of brands and kinds of sunblocks are available in market but only some will suit your skin. Choose from the list of sunscreens below which are apt for dehydrated skin conditions.

Here Is A List Of Sunblock Creams For Dry Skin

1. Garnier Sun Control Moisturizer

This sun control daily moisturizer can be obtained either online or at beauty stores easily. It suits dry skinned ladies as the glycerol and coriander extract can keep your skin moisturized at all times. It also guards your skin from the attack of free radicals in the air. Plus, the rich Vitamin E in this product ensures the skin from becoming damaged and burned during sunny seasons. It comes with SPF 15. The Mexoryl SX further protects the skin from UV rays. The price is quite cheap and hence simply affordable.

Garnier Sun Control Moisturizer

2. Lacto Calamine Sun Shield

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield comes with SPF30 which can shelter our skin from the injurious UV rays. The Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation on our skins. This product retains the pH levels of the skin and hence is a perfect lotion for dry skin types. This high quality cream comes with a moderate price. For better results, use it on a daily basis before going out into the sun.

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield

3. VLCC Moisturizing Sun Block Cream

This lotion can shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. It comes with SPF25 which gives an enhanced protection from sunlight. The main elements which make this an ideal product for dry skin are sandalwood extracts, jojoba oil, primrose oil and wheat germ oil. These components can nourish your skin making it hydrated and healthy. The ingredients of this sun block are fully organic and unrefined. The price is reasonable and within our means.

VLCC Moisturizing Sun Block Cream

4. L’Oréal Women UV Perfect 12H UV Protector

The UV protector from L’Oréal is quite expensive but it is worthy to be possessed by every woman. The SPF50 gives a full and guaranteed protection from sun rays. It safeguards the skin form the effects of sunrays like bronzed and dull skin tones. This lotion has the ability to protect the skin from environmental imbalance and impurities as well. Use this sunscreen when going out to have a 12 hour protection from sunlight. Continuous application of this lotion can also avoid aging signs like wrinkles and creases from appearing at an early age.

L’Oréal Women UV Perfect 12H UV Protector

5. Lotus Herbals Sandal Screen

Since dry skin is more sensitive, some people prefer to use natural products only. Lotus Herbals Sandal Screen is suitable for such kinds of people. It is made up of organic stuffs like cuscus grass, sweet basil and sandalwood powder. It is a great moisturizing agent for dry skin as this lotion prevents the skin from getting dehydrated and desiccated in summer. Moreover, this item gives a matte finish without any spots or marks on our skin. The rate is inexpensive and reasonably priced as well.

Lotus Herbals Sandal Screen


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