Top 11 Excellent Tips On Wearing Makeup

Excellent Tips on Wearing Makeup

Women are wearing makeup from the times immemorial. Beauty legends Queen Cleopatra also use to wear makeup and many researches have done on various makeup items she used and their uses.  Wearing foundation has become very common in today’s world too. There are many reasons why women wear makeup. The main reason obviously is to enhance the natural beauty. Every woman has a type of beauty of her own and this beauty is called as a natural beauty. But everyone wants to enhance it especially when she comes in a gathering. Makeup also helps us to hide natural defects of our face. So, it can be said that we do makeup so that we are looked beautiful in front of other’s eyes. So before applying makeup you should know the right technique of makeup. If you do not apply it properly it may make you look horrible. This article will give you a few tips on applying makeup.

Buy Right Shade Of Make Up Products

The first step of makeup is buying the right shade of makeup items like foundation, compact, blusher, eye shadows, lipsticks and concealer. It is very important to match the shade of foundation and compact with your skin tone. Some people have wrong notion that we use foundation to make us look fairer and for this reason they buy foundation lighter their skin tone. When they apply it they are looked almost like joker. One more thing. Buy foundation according to your skin type. If you have oily skin buy the water based foundation and if you have dry skin it is better to buy oil based foundation. Lipstick, eye shadows and blusher should be bought according to your skin tone.

Buy Right Shade Of Make Up Products

Wash Your Face and Hands Properly Before Applying Makeup

The next step is to make your face ready for applying foundation. Remove old makeup and wash your face with face wash to remove dirt and grease. Wash your hands too as foundation should be applied not only on cleansed face but with clean hands too to keep your foundation brighter.

Wash Your Face and Hands Properly

Apply Astringent

After washing is done apply astringent at the beginning of starting makeup. Astringent gives your skin a cool effect and saves your skin from excessive sweating. Astringent is really needed for oily skin.

Apply Astringent

Apply Moisturizer as Makeup Base

After that, apply moisturizer on your wet face. Wet skin absorbs moisturizer properly. Then wait for 2-3 minutes so that your skin absorbs it properly.

Apply Moisturizer as Makeup Base

Rub an Ice Cube to Make Your Foundation Long Lasting

Now rub an ice cube on your face and neck. Ice cube helps to make your makeup long lasting. Do not wipe your face. Let the skin allow absorbing the ice cool water.

Rub an Ice Cube to Make Your Foundation Long Lasting

Use Concealer to Conceal Unwanted Spots On Face

Now apply concealer if you need it. People generally who has acne, acne marks and other blemishes generally need it to conceal all those spots.

Use Concealer to Conceal Unwanted Spots On Face

Apply Foundation Properly:

Now pour some foundation on your palm. If it is water based then mix a few drops of cold water in it and if it is oil based then mix a few drops of moisturizer in it. Mix well and then with the help of your finger apply it on your face and neck. Do not ignore neck and earlobes. Give same attention on applying foundation there as you gave it when you applied it face. Now rub gently to spread the foundation.

Apply Foundation Properly

Apply Face Powder and Compact to Set the Foundation:

To set the foundation you may puff some lose face powder of same shade on your face. Then take a wide head brush to brush out the excess powder. Dab compact after that to give your foundation a ultimate flawless effect.

Apply Face Powder and Compact to Set the Foundation

Apply Blusher:

Now apply blusher on your cheekbones. Use fingers to mix it with skin. For fair skin lighter shade is preferable where as medium to dark skin may apply pink and other dark tone.

Apply Blusher

Apply Eye Shadow and Eye liner:

Applying eye shadow is the next step. After that, draw your eyes with eyeliner. If it is night make up then you can smudge the liner.

Apply Eye Shadow and Eye liner

Apply Lipsticks:

The last but the most important step is applying lipstick. Choose lipstick according to your dress color. If you have very thin lip do not apply dark colored lipstick as it makes your lips look thinner. Better use lighter shade. Darker shade is for thick plum lips. Now see yourself on mirror. Wear your garments, wear jewelry, spray fragrance, wear shoes and now you are ready to go to your party.

Apply Lipsticks

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