Top 10 Style Tips To Look Fashionable On A Rainy Day

Rainy days can take a toll on your fashion quotient. It ruins your makeup, your hair is a mess and clothes are definitely going for a toss. But rainy days really don’t have to be all that bad if you follow these fashion tips. They are simple and easy to implement and will help you stay wow even through the dullest of the days

Here Are Top 10 Style Tips To Look Fashionable On A Rainy Day

1. Invest In A Cute Raincoat

A raincoat or waterproof trench is no longer a fashion taboo. In fact, starting from the likes of big brands, you will see many celebrities across the world sporting these cute rain coats, which save your wardrobe from a disaster. They are longer and usually trench-coat length available in cute designs and prints like polka, abstract prints, etc.

Invest In A Cute Raincoat

2. Done Fashionable Rubber Shoes

Who says that rubber shoes are not fashionable. These days designers are focusing more on making shoes with high heels and wedges that are ideal for work wear and are a saviour if you have to go through a puddle. Be it flat ballerinas or even wedges, there are plenty of chic rubber shoes available that are gorgeous.

Done Fashionable Rubber Shoes

3. Use Water Proof Makeup

You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that you should use waterproof make up during the rainy season. Because of the excessive humidity, rain and similar conditions, your make up is prone to getting washed out. But opting for water proof versions means that your kohl won’t smudge and the eye liner won’t drip. Same applies for other makeup products like lipsticks too.

Use Water Proof Makeup

4. Use An Anti-frizz Or Serum

Because of the rainy day weather, it is natural for your hair to get fizzier and messier. And that’s why you should keel an anti-frizz handy with you. Doing so tames your hair and a fashion faux. Just take some on your palm and apply to get respite from the same.

Use An Anti-frizz Or Serum

5. Use Dry Shampoo

Also if you have very oily hair then your hair is probably going to get limp and kind of really dull. In this reference, ditch the serum above and opt for a dry hair shampoo. Doing so helps in getting rid of your dullness and helps you stay gorgeous.

Dry Hair Shampoo

6. Wear Knee Length Dresses/ Trousers

If you have to go to work then knee length trousers are definitely not acceptable and so in such cases you should switch over to a knee length dress. Doing so prevents your dress from getting messy and dirty. If you don’t have to work then opt for some casual shorts or capris to enjoy the most of the rainy day and stay fashionable.

Wear Knee Length Dresses Trousers

7. Wear Deeper Shades

Since you know it might be raining or could rain, it is best to opt for deeper shades so that in case you do get wet, there is no wardrobe malfunction here. In particular, avoid whites and lighter tones because they are rather difficult to manage.

Wear Deeper Shades

8. Keep Wet Wipes Handy

Wet wipes are a boon during the rainy season because your face tends to very oily because of all that humidity. So opt for a tea tree or lime based one that helps to get rid of that excessive greasiness. Additionally, these are ideal to wipe off those puddle splutters on your hands and legs too.

Keep Wet Wipes Handy

9. Buy Waterproof Bag

You don’t want your designer leather bag to get ruined in the rain. A water proof bag is a more viable solution that is functional and will prevent your stuff from getting wet too.

Buy Waterproof Bag

10. Carry A Portable Umbrella

And last but not the least, always carry a portable or small umbrella with you for sudden rains. Think of cute prints here like Burberry or bright yellow ones that are fashionable and so useful. This is a saviour to prevent you from getting drenched.

Carry A Portable Umbrella

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