Top 10 Most Popular Revlon Lipsticks For Females

Revlon is the well known brand for the manufacturing of various cosmetic products for females. The products of this brand name is especially lipsticks are of very high quality and are available at very affordable prices. Lipsticks of Revlon give buttery and super creamy finishing to the makeup of its user. It is a quite challenging task for a lady to choose the best lipstick as per her skin tone as there are lots of varieties available in lipsticks of Revlon brand name. If you too are in such confusing situation, then this article will help you to choose the best lipstick for your skin type.

Here Are Top 10 Most Popular And Suitable Super Lustrous Lipsticks For You Which Will Definitely Enhance Your Beauty Level Greatly

1. Revlon Lipstick In Coral Berry

This is a fabulous super lustrous lipstick of Revlon brand which generally comes in black Revlon case having a golden shimmer.  The texture of this lipstick is very smooth and creamy that gives a beautiful finishing to your lips. This lipstick gives a glamorous touch to the lips in its single swipe and can stay there for at least 5 hours comfortably. This is an ideal product for summer seasons and mostly preferred in summer season by females.


2. Revlon In Love That Red Shade Lipstick

It is a flattering lipstick which comes in vibrant red shade and can flatter on all types of skin tone. This lipstick is very smooth to apply and it also lasts for 5-6 hours and looks more attractive and charming in evening time


3. Revlon Lipsticks In Certainly Red Shade

This is a classical red lipstick that can glide smoothly on lips. It is blessed with attractive fragrance and it can easily fade away without leaving any unwanted signs on lips. The creamy texture of this lipstick keeps the lips moisturized for a long time and looks gorgeous on females with fairer skin tone.


4. Revlon Colorbust Lipstick In Carnation

This is a wonderful lipstick of Revlon brand in medium pink shade that gives a pigmented and creamy finish to its user. This lipstick looks pretty on all types of skin tones and can last for at least 5 hours with brightens complexions.

Revlon Colorbust Lipstick In Carnation

5. Revlon Color Bust Lip Butter In Lollipop

This is an amazing product of Revlon brand which performs dual functions of a lipstick and a lit balm. It generally comes in bright and funky pink color shade that looks highly attractive on females having medium skin tones. You can easily use and apply this lip balm smoothly to your lips and can last for 5 hours without bleeding.


6. Revlon Color Bust Lip Butter In Cherry

It is a fantastic sheer cherry red lipstick of Revlon brand and can last for extra time than other lipsticks. The texture of this lipstick is soft and buttery that gives a smoothie finishing to makeup as it suits well to medium and fair skin tones.

Revlon Color Bust Lip Butter In Cherry

7. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick In Peak Rose

This is a perfect super lustrous lipstick for daily use and consists of a cool creamy texture which can glides on lips like butter in its single swipe. This lipstick is very light and keeps the lips of all skin types hydrated for a long time interval.


8. Revlon Color Bust Lip Butter In Raspberry 

This is a dark red pinkish shade lipstick that delivers a creamy finishing on lips for more than 6 hours comfortably. This is a highly pigmented lipstick that can fade by leaving behind a pretty tint. This lipstick keeps the lips supple and soft for a long time and looks super stylish on ivory types of skin tones thereby adding shine and shimmering effect to your look.

Revlon Color Bust Lip Butter In Raspberry

9. Revlon Cherries In The Snow Lipstick

This is a deep blue based bright pinkish shade lipstick and is the most popular type of lipstick shade in the super lustrous series of Rvvlon brand lipsticks. This lipstick is considered to be the vintage and classic lipstick which brings back the memories of 70’s era once again alive in new generation. This lipstick comes in mainly red color and suits well to all types of skin tones thereby kiting the lips of its user hydrated for extra hours.


10. Revlon Color Bust Lip Butter In Berry Smoothie

This is a wonderful lipstick having amazing berry shade and can be used for daily wear with ease. It has a staying time of only 3 hours but it is not heavy for lips of its user. This lipstick adds utmost shine and color to its user lips and gives best smooth finishing to females having fair, medium or even dark skin tones.


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