Top 10 Best Vintage Perfumes

Best Vintage Perfumes

Perfumes are used in the world from ancient times. It has been said that the perfumes are first made in the Greece and from there it had been spread in all over the world. These perfumes are made by the flowers and they are totally natural. Now Perfume industries is all around the world. There are so many of the vintage perfumes and these are collectable. Some of them have listed in the record book also.

Here Is The List Of Some Of Them:

Balmain Ment Vert-

This perfume was launched in the market in 1982. The cost of this perfume at that time was 1500 us dollar just for the 3.4 ml. It is a natural fragrance perfume. This perfume was first manufacture in the Greece and at that time it was the best perfume of the world. Both men and women can used this. This perfume won the award of hall of fame.

Balmain Ment Vert

JAR Bolt Lightning-

This perfume was launched in the market in 2000. The bottle of each perfume is designed by a jeweller and it is a diamond cut. The fragrance is used mostly by the ladies. The fragrance is of the nature after the lightning  in the sky. The cost of this perfume is 675 us dollar per ounce. The smell like when we in the mountains surrounded by the beautiful flowers.

JAR Bolt Lightning

Christian Dior Diorling-

This perfume was launched by the Jean Patou in 1929. This perfume got the award ” perfume of the Year “. This perfume is total natural, which has an unprecedented 10,000 jasmine flowers and 336 roses to make just one ounce of this. This perfume is used to lift up the men or women from the depression. The bottle of this perfume is diamond cut which gives it a nice look. The cost of this perfume is around 800 us dollar per ounce.

Christian Dior Diorling

Caron Poivre-

This perfume is launced by the one of the most prestigious company Parfums Caron in 1905. This is the limited edition. Both men and the women can be used this perfume. The design of the bottle is unique and the gold platting is there on the neck of the bottle. This perfume has the smell of the kitchen, inside the kitchen we have the smell of the spices and the vegetables. The cost of the perfume is around 1000 us dollar per ounce.

Caron Poivre

Hermes 24 Faubourng-

This is the natural perfume made by the French luxury brand Hermès. This perfume is for the ladies. The combination is made by the legendary perfumer Maurice Roucel. The idea of the freshness is the main ingredients of this perfume. The morning freshness is the smell of this perfume. Only 1100 bottles were made of this perfume. The cost of this perfume is around 1500 us dollar per ounce.

Hermes 24 Faubourng

Clive Christian No-1-

This perfume is made for the men and the women. It comes in the two varieties Woody Oriental for men, and Floral Oriental for women. It is the world expensive perfume in the 2001. The bottle of this perfume is unique and made up of lead crystal and is adorned with a 1/3 carat diamond on the neck. This perfume has the all the basic ingredients like flower and the smelly leaves but the main ingredients are the secret of this company. The cost of the perfume is around 2100 us dollar.

Clive Christian No-1

Faberge Tigress-

This perfume was made in 1921 by the great perfumer Ernest Beaux. This is a limited edition perfume and very few perfume bottles are made in a year. This the world top perfumes in the world. The cost of this perfume is around 4200 us dollar for the one ounce. This perfume is made up by the Rose and the Jasmine and other ingredients are secrets of this company.

Faberge Tigress

Sior De Paris-

The bottle of this perfume and the perfumes itself is the world most expensive perfume in this world. The cost of one bottle is around 6200 us dollar for one ounce. It was launched in 1998. The bottle neck of this perfume is made up of the crystal diamond cut and at the top of it a gold plated crystal is there.

Sior de Paris

Imperial Majesty-

This is the world most expensive perfume. When we want to come out form the depression then this is the best perfume to get energized. The aroma of this perfume is also so good. The cost of this perfume is around 12720 us dollar. It has record in “Guinness Book”.

Imperial Majesty

Arpege By Lanvin-

The cost of this bottle is around 1 million us dollar. This bottle has been designed by the jeweller Martin Katz. The design of the bottle is most unique the whole bottle is look like a diamond and the aroma is also so pleasant. This is the most expensive perfume.

Arpege by Lanvin

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