Top 10 Best Lakme Lipstick Reviews And Swatches

Lakme Lipstick

Lakme is one of the most trusted brand in beauty products. Lakme products are highly in demand. The main feature of the Lakme product is that, it use almost all the herbal ingredients. Lakme manufactures all the beauty products. From a light cream to the bridal makeup, Lakme has its own bench mark. Lips are the most beautiful part of the face. Lakme makes it more beautiful by manufacturing lipsticks for the lips. In India Lakme lipsticks are first used.

Here Are Some Of The Best Lipsticks Of Lakme:

Lakme Lip Love Care-

The Lakme Enrich Satin Shade lipstick is used by the ladies from long time. This lipstick comes in the peach shade. This lipstick can be used with all types of the skin tones. #129 has almost different shades for other skin tones also. This lipstick moisturizes the lips deeply and the texture is also very nice. This lipstick stays on the lips for only 2 hours. The cost of this lipstick is around 100 INR.

Lakme Lip Love Care

Lakme Shade #225-

This is another Enrich Satin shade, which comes in the pink color. This is normally for the lighter skin tone ladies. #225 also has many shades of the pink color. Only one swipe is required to get the perfect color to the lips. It makes your lips milky and the best feature of this lipstick is that it doesn’t give any crack on the lips. It stays on the lips for 4 hours. The cost of this lipstick is around 150 INR.

Lakme Shade #225

Lakme Shade #359-

If you want that your lips look like the cherry, then this Enrich Satin is the best for you. This shade comes with the Red Cherry color. The texture is good and it take two swipes to get perfect finish. This shade is best for the fair skin tone and can be used for the wheatish tone also. It can give the color to your lips up to 5 hours. This shade is best for the bride and for those who wants to wear traditional dresses. The cost of this lipstick is around 120 INR.

Lakme Shade #359

Lakme Aphrodite Blush-

These lipsticks have the high price. This  lipstick is in the pink shade. This gives the perfect pink color to the lips in 2-3 rounds. These lipsticks give a matte look to the lips. This lipstick comes in a different shades of the pink color according to the skin tone. This lipstick also moisturizes the lips and give a crack free lips. This is used mostly in the parties and wedding. The cost of this lipstick is around 350 INR.

Lakme Aphrodite Blush

Lakme Rose Kissed-

This is the most favorite lipstick of the girls. Teenagers girls use to apply this lipstick. This is another lipstick with the pink shade. Although this lipstick will not last longer on the lips but the smoothness and the texture is so good. It also moisturize the lips. The cost of this lipstick is around 200 INR.

Lakme Rose Kissed

Lakme Plum Pout-

Now a days pout is famous. This Plum Pout lipstick of Lakme comes with a dark pink shade, which is perfect for the pout. This is most common in the dark skin tone and even wheatish skin tone can also apply it. It requires only one swipe to give perfect pink color. It also moisturize the lips and give smooth lips. The cost of this lipstick is around 160 INR.

Lakme Plum Pout

Lakme Cream Lipstick-

This Lipstick comes with the different shades of pink. This Lipstick can be used with the lip gloss. It can stay on the lips up to 5-6 hours. So once you applied this lipstick you need not to worry again about your lips. The lipstick gives you a shiny lips. The cost of this lipstick is around 200 INR.

Lakme Cream Lipstick

Lakme Shade Number #539-

This lipstick comes in the shade of the red color. This is mostly used for the bridal make up. It can also be used for the traditional outfits. This Lipstick doesn’t get fade easily and stay on the lips up to 7 hours. This gives a shiny texture on the lips. The cost of this lipstick is around 250 INR.

Lakme Shade Number #539

Lakme Absolute Sculpt-

This is best for the Indian beautiful ladies. This gives the shade of the peach along with the red background. This also lasts on the lips for around 5 hours. This lipstick gives a matte texture on the lips. The costs of this lipstick is around 200 INR.

Lakme Absolute Sculpt

Lakme Creaseless Lipstick-

This is the pack of three thing. This is the beauty treatment for the lips. All of these used together to give your lips a dark peach color. This lipstick moisturizes your lips automatically. The cost of this lipstick pack is around 450 INR.

Lakme Creaseless Lipstick

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