Top 10 Best Lakme Concealers


Top 10 Best Lakme Concealers

Lakme is the most trusted brand of the beauty products. Lakme has its market in all around the world. Lakme manufactures almost all types of the beauty products. Our face has the most sensitive skin and we need extra care of it. We have some dark circles, blemish or other uneven patches on the skin. All these look so awkward and give your skin a bad look. Lakme has the concealers for almost all type of the patches. We can hide our skin by this concealers. This concealers come in almost for all type of the skin tone.

Here Are The List Of Some Of The Best Lakme Concealers:

1. White Intense For The Fair Skin

Lakme comes with it white intense concealer, it can be used on the dark circles of the eyes or any other patches. This is best for fair skin tone but if you have light wheatish tone, then this can also be used. This has the SPF 15 and vitamin B. Both is good for the skin. The texture of this concealer is very light. The cost of this product is around 120 INR.

White Intense for the Fair Skin

2. Face Style By The Lakme-

This concealer comes in different range from the medium skin tone to the fair skin. The texture of this cream is so creamy and one will get flawless skin tone. It normally gives the same colour as per your skin tone. It is long lasting up to 10 hours and it is also water proof.  The cost of this product is around  100 INR.

Face Style By the Lakme

3. Face Magic By The Lakme-

This product by the Lakme is for the Indian beauty.This concealer gives your skin a radiant look instantly. This comes with SPF 20 and the vitamin E contents. This concealer can be used as a sunscreen also. It blends with the skin tone easily and gives a fairer look to the face. It is waterproof and smudge free upto 5 hours. The cost of this product is around 300 INR.

Face Magic by the Lakme-

4. 9 To 5 By The Lakme-

This is totally waterproof and gives the stunning look to the face  up to 8 hours. You can use it as a concealer as well as the foundation. The look of this concealer is just like the foundation. It comes with a foam by which we can apply it. It removes all the dark circles immediately. It not only hide your patches but also remove them. The cost of this product is around 450 INR.

9 TO 5 by the Lakme

5. Shade 5 Concealer-

This shade 5 concealer is used for the darker skin and it can also be used for the dark wheatish skin tone. This concealer gives the radiant look to the face upto 7 hours. This also has the vitamin B content which removes the dark spots. It is water proof. This can also be used as a foundation or as a base make up. The cost of this product is around 460 INR.

Shade 5 Concealer

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6. Perfect Liquid Concealers-

This is the combination of both the solid and the liquid concealer. It completely blends on the skin and also get the same skin tone as your skin. It normally covers all the patches. This is used in the bridal make up also. This is totally smudge free and removes almost all the oil. This is the most cheap and the best concealer for the Indian market. The cost of this product is around 110 INR.

Perfect Liquid Concealers

7. Souffle Pearl Concealer-

This comes with the cucumber and the strawberry extracts. This is totally natural concealer. This gives the perfect blending look to the skin and a thin layer will appear on the face which protects your face from the dirt and the other harmful ingredients. This also has the vitamin B3, which removes the dark spots of the skin very easily. The cost of this product is around 115 INR.

Souffle Pearl Concealer

8. White Intense Stick Concealer-

This is so handy and small. This comes in the stick and covers almost all the blemishes. This has the vitamin B1, which is also good to reduce the dark spots. This also used as a foundation also. This comes from the fair to the wheatish skin. The cost of this product is 125 INR.

White Intense Stick Concealer

9. Face Stylist Concealer-

This is for the bridal makeup. This is for the dark tone. Once it has been applied on the face it lasts for the 3-4 hours. This is for the uneven skin tone. The cost of this product is around 400 INR.

Face Stylist Concealer

10. Face Magic Daily Wear-

This is for the daily purpose use. This is used for the fairer skin tone. This is totally smudge free and water proof. This removes all the patches of the skin and also reduces the dark spots. The cost of this is around 345 INR.

Face Magic Daily Wear

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