Top 10 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Every Night

Top 10 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Every Night

Top 10 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Every Night

Are you very busy with your work? Don’t have the time for your daily beauty regime? Don’t worry. Just follow 10 beauty habits in night before you go to bed. Each of these 10 habits is very important. It is very tough spending so much time in our daily beauty routine. If you follow these simple steps daily before you go to bed you will get surely a problem free body and mind. You have to just follow the tips as a beauty guide.

These 10 Tips Are Very Easy To Follow And Also Very Essential Too For You:

Comb Your Hair:

Before you are going to your bed just comb your hair with a comb which has long teeth for 5 minutes. Comb your hair with a light pressure on your scalp. It will detangle your hair and you can easily manage your hair. It also increases the blood circulation in your scalp and helps in stopping hair fall. This process also helps in hair growth.

Comb Your Hair

Oil Massage:

Now it is time for oil massage which is very important for your hair. Heat slightly the olive oil to massage in your scalp which provides nourishment in your hair. Massage the oil in circular movements in your scalp which also improves blood circulation in your scalp. When the oil massage is done wear a shower cap before you go to bed. It will prevent the mess created from the oil applied in your hair. You can also massage your scalp with coconut oil or almond oil. The very next day get a shampoo in your hair. You will notice that your hair turned softer as it is nourished.

Massage With Hot Oil

Tie Your Hair:

Tie your hair before you go to bed preferably a braid or a bun. Try to use a cover to cover up your bun. It will prevent the split ends problem which created from friction.

Tie Your Hair

Face Wash:

Wash your face with a mild herbal face wash before you go to bed. It will clean the dirt and grim of your face cleaning your face thoroughly. It will clean the pores of your skin that your skin can breathe easily.

Face Wash

Night Cream:

Apply night cream after you clean your face. Choose a deep nourishing night cream which contains vitamin E. Vitamin E makes your skin healthy with a smooth feeling. Night cream provides nourishment to your skin overnight and makes your skin supple. It also vanishes the wrinkles and the fine lines. Try to use it and feel the magic of your younger looking skin.

Apply creams

Under Eye Care:

Take care of your eyes by applying under eye cream under your eyes. This will prevent the fine lines and tiredness of your eyes. If you have problem of dark circles you can apply almond oil under your eyes with the ring finger. Then wipe the excess oil with a cotton pad. It will remove your dark circles and fine lines.

Under Eye Creams

Take Care Of Your Hands:

After all the days work your hand became tired and the skin of your hand also gets rough. Wash your hand with mild hand wash when required. Apply a nourishing hand cream on your hands and massage it well in upward stroke. Massage your fingers and on your nails especially in a circular movement. It will increase the blood circulation and improves the growth of nail.

Take Care Of Your Hands

Take Care Of Your Elbows And Knees:

Apply vitamin C creams in your elbows and knees. It will help in removing black patches in the areas and make the skin smooth from a rough one.

Take Care Of Your Elbows And Knees

Lip Balm:

Don’t forget your lips before you go to bed. Scrub your lips with the help of a tooth brush. Then apply any good lip balm on your lips before you go to bed. It will make soft your rough lips. Try to use vitamin E enriched lip balm to get better results.

Lip Balm

Take Care Of Your Feet:

Your feet are the most unnoticed part of your body. Try to take care of your feets regularly. After all days works take a foot bath before you go to bed. Soak your feet in Luke warm water for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to add 2 tea spoons of salt in to it. Salt is useful to remove pain from your feet. After that wash your feet with normal water and wipe your feet well with towel. Wipe all the traces of water from your feet. Now apply a good quality vitamin c enriched foot cream in your feet and massage well especially on your nails. Vitamin C removes the dark spots on your feet and makes the skin healthier than before. You can also apply plain petroleum jelly in your feet to make your feet soft.

Natural Foot Soak

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