Tips To Grow Your Tresses Long And Strong

We girls love our long, gorgeous hair. But sometimes, owing to lack of nutrition, hair doesn’t grow at a pace that we’d want it to. Excessive washing, heat styling products and diet are some of the major reasons our hair refuse to grow, thus remaining stunted over years. One might think trimming is the only solution but before you chop off a significant length, try these tips out!

Here Are Some Simple Tips To Grow Your Hair Out, The Fastest Way

1. Wash Hair At Intervals

First things first, let’s talk about shampooing and conditioning properly. Cut back on washing your hair. Wash it 1 to 2 times a week because you want to give your hair enough time to produce natural oils and just breathe. And make sure, when you wash your hair, you shampoo only the roots and condition just the ends. If you want to shampoo the rest of your hair, that’s alright too but just go easy on it because you don’t want to strip your hair off the moisture that it needs. Post shampooing, rinse it with cold water.

Wash Hair

2. Get A Hot Oil Scalp Massage 

Deep condition your hair using the oil that suits you the best — coconut oil, olive oil or argon oil. Take a bit of oil, heat it up in the microwave and massage your hair with it for a good 20 minutes. Then tie it up in a high bun and go to sleep. Wake up the next morning and wash it with cold water. This repairs your hair and leaves it smooth. You can also put oil on your hair and tie a hot towel over it for about an hour for similar results. Massaging helps in scalp circulation which helps in hair growth.

Scalp Massage

3. Cut Down On Heat Styling

Heat damage is the enemy that will never let your hair grow long and strong.So cut down on heat styling — straighteners, curling irons are not for everyday. They damage your hair and weaken the strands. Try to wash your hair at night so you don’t feel the need to blow dry it and let it air dry if you can. If you do have to apply heat, make sure you use a heat protectant. Use the cold air option on your drier to dry your hair.

Say No To Heat

4. Comb With A Natural-bristle Brush

Never brush through wet hair. Don’t rip through tangles and knots. Handle your hair with care and work through the tangles so you don’t break it apart and damage your hair. Get yourself a natural-bristle brush (you can get it online) and comb to redistribute the natural oils that it produces that in turn, promotes healthy hair growth.


5. Use Cold Water To Wash Hair

Hot water strips your hair off the moisture that it needs leaving it dry, brittle and prone to split ends. Use cold water to wash your hair whenever you do. Besides, swap the coarse towel for an old, cotton T-shirt. It dries your hair faster and also prevents damage from the breakage that vigorous rubbing with a towel encourages. The more soft you are on your hair, the faster and healthier it will grow out.

Use Cold Water To Wash Hair

6. Trim Your Hair Occasionally

True that we all hate chopping off our hair. But remember, healthy hair grows twice as faster than hair that’s brittle and unhealthy. The only thing that affects your hair growth is the health of your hair follicles. Split ends, we all know, work their way up, causing the hair to get shorter with each trimming session. So don’t wait in bid to flaunt longer hair — trim regularly to promote hair growth.


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