Tips To Decide Whether Skin Cream Or Lotion Is Right For You

Whether Skin Cream Or Lotion Is Right For You

Both cream and lotions are similar in nature in the sense they nourish and hydrate the skin. But there are a lot of differences here too like the texture, their moisture content, etc. So if your friend uses cream, doesn’t mean you should use the same. Here are some instances when to use cream and when to use lotion for healthier skin that is hydrated and nourished.

Here Are The Tips To Decide Whether Skin Cream Or Lotion Is Right For You:

Based On Texture

Creams are usually heavier as compared to lotions, so if you are looking for something that is easily absorbed and really no fuss, then lotions are the solutions. Creams are ideally suited for occasions when you have time to massage them in and leave them on for a few minutes.

Based On Texture

Depending On Your Skin Type

Creams tend to be greasier and oilier as compared to lotions. So they are ideally more suited for the winter months. This also means that they are more suited for the dryer skin types instead of oily skins. If you have oily skin or want something for the summer months, then ditch the cream and opt for the lighter lotions.

Depending On Your Skin Type

Purpose Of Using/ Repairing Skin

Lotions don’t usually repair skin, so if you have issues like eczema, extreme dryness or patchiness, creams tend to work much better. Since they are heavier in nature, they contain a better texture that allows healing properties. It is also mixed with more ingredients that repairs the skin in concentrated areas unlike the lotions.

Repairing Skin

Area of Body Where Lotion/ Cream Is Applied

Usually lotions are best applied on the areas of the body that are more covered with hair. So if you are looking for something for your face, probably a cream works better since there is less hair. But if you are looking for something for your body, lotions work better on hair covered areas and get easily absorbed here, unlike the creams.

Cream Is Applied

Based On Cost Factor

That being said, lotions are sold in bigger packs at lower prices because you get more volume and quantity. Lotions usually cost less because they are diluted with water, paraffins, etc. Creams on the other are more concentrated and thus tend to be costlier. So if cost is a factor then creams do work out to be more expensive.

Based On Cost Factor

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