The 4 Common Side Effects Of Hair Straightening

Side Effects Of Hair Straightening

Straight hair has been in fashion for many years now and it is surely there to stay. It can dramatically transform your looks and give you a complete makeover. After all who does not like super-straight ironed hair over unmanageable frizzy strands? However, in order to make your hair poker straight, it has to pass through several processes, many of which can cause potential damage to your hair. Straightening your hair in an incorrect way may cause permanent damage to its follicles. The hair may even lose its natural moisture and oils. It is important to do straightening in a proper way and from a reliable hair expert. Even when they take utmost care to protect the hair from all possible damages, the quality of hair also decides the level of damage or side effects.

Here Are The Most Common Side Effects Of Straightening:

1. Dry And Frizzy Hair:

When you first straighten your hair, it may look very sleek, silky and poker straight from roots to tips. However, after sometime or may be after a few straightening sessions, depending on the hair quality and type, it may start becoming dry and frizzy. And when you use a blow dryer or iron pressing for occasional setting, it may make the hair even drier. The harsh straightening procedures make the hair lose its natural moisture which starts showing in the changing hair texture. Even if you apply conditioners and hair serums, and take care of your hair, it is difficult to avoid dryness all together.

Frizzy Hair

2. Boring And Stereotype:

If you like styling your hair in different ways according to your mood and occasion, and love poker straight, curls as well as wavy hair, permanent straightening makes it less flexible to mould the strands in different ways. Therefore, if you have straightened your hair permanently, be prepared to repeat the boring and monotonous look every time.


3. Allergic Reactions:

A lot of chemicals are used in the permanent hair straightening process. Some of them may be harsh and harmful to the scalp and skin. Even if you get it done from a good salon, the risk of allergic reaction cannot be ruled out completely, especially if you have a sensitive skin and unhealthy scalp condition. The skin may start reacting immediately or it may show up even after a couple of days. Most of the allergic reactions are in the form of swelling and inflammation on the skin, itchiness or irritation on the scalp and skin, skin rashes and as well as redness. It may even affect the eyes and cause redness, itchiness or watery eyes. It is important to seek medical assistance, if these allergic reactions persist.

Allergic Reactions

4. Hair Damage And Hair Fall:

Both temporary as well as permanent hair straightening can cause hair fall drastically. Although, it varies with the quality of hair, it is one of the most common side effects of hair straightening which has been experienced. Hair straightening is expensive and many a times, people are lured by attractive straightening packages and deals. Poor, cheap quality products and chemicals are used and incorrect straightening procedures worsen the hair quality. Even if utmost care is taken while straightening, the procedure itself is harmful and involves a lot of chemicals, hot iron pressing and more which breaks and damages the hair, causing massive hair fall. Moreover, in order to keep the hair straight, the procedure needs to be repeated every few months, in the case of permanent straightening. Therefore, with the continues procedures, hair follicle damage continues along with all the other side effects like dryness and allergic reactions, which weakens the follicles further, causing repeated hair fall.

Hair Fall

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