The 10 Best Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Any Occasion

Mehndi is very popular among Indian women as well as women from Pakistan and some gulf countries. Mehndi designs not only look beautiful on a woman’s hands and feet, they also have cultural and traditional importance. The designs, patterns and motifs of mehndi designs have a lot of regional influence, just like cuisines around various regions.  If there is a wedding in the house, it is customary for the bride and other women in the house to wear mehndi. There is even an event dedicated to it called night for mehndi.

Let’s Check Out Some Beautiful Mehndi Designs Which You Can Try At Home For Various Occasions.

1.The Circle Pattern Design

There is nothing as appealing and catchy as a clear circle. This design in circular motif is aesthetically beautiful and is ideal for back hands. Although it is not very simple, its bold circles and semi-circles makes it highly defined, without any clutters. The design is ideal for any age group , especially during festivals.

The circle pattern design

2. Minimal Design

This is a very simple yet clean and elegant mehndi design for back hand. This super chic design in diamond pattern is ideal for the back of the hand. The fingers have been adorned with crochet patterns covering the fingers almost fully. Small dots have been used to connect the diamond to the design in the middle finger. The design is quite simple and can be done even by a beginner, requiring very little time to finish. Its simplicity grabs everyone’s attention immediately!

Minimal design

3. Creepers And Curls Pattern

A lot of creepers have been used in this design, both as highlighters and fillers. Small pretty dots every here and there have been cleverly used to strike a sharp contrast. This design can be done free-hand, and is suitable for beginners. The spiral pattern on the fingers gives it a very unique and unusual look. The design is perfect for any occasion and suits any age group.

Creepers and curls pattern

4. Bold Arabic Design

This Arabic design has bold outlines which look decorative, rather than filled. It is a beautiful and well balanced combination of floral motifs, geometric patterns, paisleys and accentuated borders. Although it covers the hand fully, the design is repetitive and this uniformity makes it distinct. It is ideal for special occasions.

Bold Arabic design

5. Shaded Blooming Flower Design

This alluring creepy and curly design is mainly done on the back of the palm and goes up to the little finger. The design is very refreshing and simple, yet looks lovely and girly.  The blooming flowers in the form of a lace have a little shade work, while the little paisleys on the finger tips simply flows in the rhythm of the main design. It looks very versatile and goes well with any dressing style.

Shaded blooming flower design

6. The Neckpiece Design

This necklace like mehndi design might apparently look elaborate. However, it is quite easy to make and totally hassle free. All you have to do is to make two motifs like a water drop or a candle flame, and then make laces around them. The patterns used in this design are minimal and is basically restricted to just the back of your hand.

7. Alluring Chequered Design

This back hand design in chequered pattern is very well defined and gives a break from intricate designs and laces. It has a small leafy flower at the center, with minimal design on the finger tips. The chequered pattern or jali work has been done on the wrist along with some semi-circle motifs. The design is not very elaborate and can be perfectly done with a little practice.

Alluring chequered design

8. Beautiful Pakistani Design

This flawless full back hand design is a little advanced, although not clumsy or cluttered. It is great for any occasion. The outlines are bold and well-defined with small leaves sprouting up. It is an unique combination of flowers, geometric patterns and dots. The design covers most of the space on the hands and is yet understated. The flower at the center can be customized or replaced with fish-net fillers or any other flower design.

Beautiful Pakistani design

9. Simple And Intricate Design

This beautiful and intricate design is predominantly outlined with straight lines. Small paisleys, flowers, laces and symbols have been beautifully used between the lines. The design is great for any occasion. If you do not want to use the whole design, you may use it partially. Although t is a little elaborate, it is very much contemporary.

Simple and intricate design

10. Circular Design In Flowers, Dots And Paisleys

This is another design in circle pattern. It has flowers, dots and paisleys. Although it covers the hands fully, the different patterns are separated and not connected to each other,, which makes it look clean and uncluttered. This design is not very difficult to make which easily draws attention to your hands.

Circular design in flowers, dots and paisleys

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