Sudarshan Kriya Yoga In Simple Steps, Its Precautions and Benefits

Sudarshan Kriya Yoga

Sudarshan kriya is a posture of the yoga and it will not only good for your mental health but also for you physical health. Sudarshan has two words in it first is SU which means the proper and the Darshan means the proper vision, it means that by doing this exercise you will have the proper vision. In today era we all are trapped with the stress, anxiety, mental problems and no medicines can overcome all these problems. Yoga is the best way to handle all these. Sudarshan kriya is the process by which you can feel fresh and mental calmness, there are so many benefits of this kirya and you need to do it in the proper way, this kriya is the combination of some techniques.

Here Are The Techniques Of It:

1. Ujjayi:

This is the breathing technique, in this we slow the process of the breathing, just sit to the vajrasan position, now slowly inhale the breathe and exhale the breathe, here you need to make sure that the rate of the breathing is slow to the 2-3 in a minutes, now while breathing relax yourself and feel free, do this process for 5 minutes.


2. Bhastrika:

In this technique you need to breathe fast and rate should be around 30-35 rates per minutes, now the rate of the inhale and the exhale should be in the ratio of 1:2, so you need to exhale two time fast than the inhale, this will trigger the calmness of the mind, because the concentration of the mind is on the breathing.


3.OM Chant:


OM is the technique of the sound vibration by which you can relax your mind, as you say OM then the vibration of the sound is feel by the mind and it will go in the state of peace, so you need to say OM by two times and then pause for a second, so that the mind will have calmness, then again repeat the process.

OM Chant

4. Kriya:

This is the technique for relaxing your breathe, this is the combinations of all the techniques of the breathings, that is slow breathing, medium breathing and the fast breathing, make sure you should maintain a same rate for the breathing, do this process for 3-4 minutes, this will release the anxiety of the mind.


Precautions Of Sudarshan Kriya:

All the asanas have some precautions while doing, first think is that if you are planning to do any kriya at home for the first time, then you need to consult the yoga instructor first, sudarshan kriya should be perform under the guidance of the an expert and if you are a pregnant lady then you should not avoid it, because fast breathing can sometime create some problems to the baby, also if you are drug addict or taken alcohol, then you should not do this kriya.

Benefits Of The Sudarshan Kriya:

This kriya has many benefits, if you have any breathing problems then it will be good for you, it will clean the lungs, also the impact to the stomach will improve the digestion system, it removes the toxics of the brain also it our mind will be free from the anxiety, stress and our memory power is increased by doing this, you can fight with post traumatic treatment and your depression will be solved easily, if you have any eyes related diseases then this exercise is good for you as it will increase the blood flow of the body.

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