Sonam Kapoor’s Diet And Workout Secrets For Dramatic Weight Loss

Diet And Workout Secrets

From an obese teenager to a svelte sensuous young woman – Sonam Kapoor’s journey promises to inspire the huge number of overweight and obese individuals struggling with their excess weight. The actor, who once weighed 86 kilos, lost a whopping 35 kilos in just two years to make her debut in acting. Going from flab to fab can be quite easy and smooth if you are determined to attain your fitness goal. For Sonam, achieving her fitness target meant modifying her eating habit and regular workouts. Even you can get rid of your excess body fat easily by following Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss diet and workout plan.

Sonam Kapoor’s Workout

Cardio Workout and Weight Training

Sonam Kappor starts her daily workout routine with cardio exercises. To prevent hurting her knee, she exercises on a recumbent bike. To avoid the monotony of doing the same type of cardio exercises every day, she has also included other cardio workouts such as jogging and swimming in her cardio workout routine. For toning her muscles and getting rid of the body fat, Sonam also relies on weight training. Weight training had especially helped in strengthening her lower body. The actor begins her workout session with 10 minutes of warm-up exercises such as, walking, sun salutation or pilate foot works. She practices standing stretches and seated stretches to cool down after the workout session.

Cardio Workout and Weight Training


Pilates are an important part of Sonam Kapoor’s workout routine. According to her pilate instructor, the actor does pilates for 45 minutes at least three times a week. Pilates help in toning the muscles and building the core muscles, which is essential for speeding up the weight loss process. Muscles promote metabolism and as a result your body breaks down the unwanted fat reserve to meet its energy need. Sonam does both mat pilates and reformer pilates.



Along with pilates, Sonam relies on Bikram yoga to stay fit and healthy. It is Anil Kapoor who inspired his daughter to join Bikram Yoga classes. According to Sonam, Bikram Yoga is the secret of her father’s good looks. Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga, involves practicing 26 types of yoga poses and two breathing exercises in a heated room.

Iyengar Yoga

Sonam’s Kapoor’s Weight Loss Diet

Drink Plenty of Fluid

As dehydration tends to slow down your metabolism, to stay fit, Sonam Kapoor drinks plenty of fluid throughout the day. Every day she drinks about four liters of water. She also loves coconut water and buttermilk. She relies on juice detox and sometimes drinks up to six bottles of cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices.

Lots of Fluids

Low Carbohydrate And High Protein Meal

Sonam Kapoor eats six light meals. Her low carbohydrate and high protein diet keeps her energized throughout the day. For breakfast, the actor usually eats oatmeal with fruits or multigrain toast with sautéed vegetables and omelet made with one egg yolk and two egg whites. Her post-workout meal comprises of either egg whites and brown bread or a protein shake with juice. For lunch she eats finger millet bread, pulses and sautéed, stir fried or grilled vegetables, salad, yogurt and 100 grams of chicken or fish. She snacks on egg white, chicken with whole grain crackers or fruits such as apples, melons, pomegranate and water melon. Sonam’s favorite evening snack is quinoa salad with vegetables. Her dinner menu usually comprises of salad, spinach, mushroom or clear vegetable soup and fish or chicken.

Take Carbohydrate Foods

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