3 Ways To Slim Your Nose Naturally With Makeup

Slim Your Nose Naturally With Makeup

There has been news about popular celebrities who have had a nose surgery done to lift up or make it look better than before but some of them still rein while some ruined their career. These celebrities chose the short cut way to trim down their nose using plastic surgery popularly known as “Rhinoplasty”. One popular actress “Jennifer Grey” of “Dirty Dancing” herself admitted that her rhinoplasty spoiled her entire career. Her surgery changed her looks drastically. We all know famous pop singer “Michael Jackson” who was also into the news for his changed appearance several times. He too admitted of having his nose under surgical knife twice to make it look slimmer but the whole world still misses him badly even after he’s no more both for his looks and his singing & dancing talent.

nose makeup

There are other ways to make your face look nice with nose makeup. The effects are temporary but they are natural and they won’t ruin your life even.

Let’s find out the best way to trim down a broad nose and make it look slimmer with this simple makeup technique.

Here Are The 3 Ways To Slim Your Nose Naturally With Makeup:

Makeup Contouring and Highlighting

We start with makeup contours. The contours are the best way to highlight the areas which are either too weak or too strong. Most women won’t contour their strongest areas because they will capture people’s attention naturally. There are certain weak areas on our face that must look perfect otherwise they could devastate your whole appearance.

Makeup Contouring and Highlighting

Check out the products that are only meant for contouring particular parts of our face, like for eyes, there are separate contours available and for nose makeup there are separate products. If you can’t find relevant products, try a couple of foundations shades that suits your skin color. Go for little darker tones to highlight your nose area perfectly. Contour powders are a good start but you may also try contour creams. Now pick 2 or 3 different shades of high lightener. They should be lighter than your skin color. Now you would need different brushes to apply these products. Go for angled brush to highlight nose angles and ends and the angled brush will go deeper that other brushes won’t help. For other areas, you may prefer any thin brushes or if you are comfortable with small sponge puffs, you may opt out of them.

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Contouring with Angled Brush

Apply some foundation all over your face though some prefer it after the contouring. Take your angled brush and apply some contour powder (or cream) at the center line of the nose. Blend well the line ends of the contour powder but keeping it more concentrated in the center line of your nose.

Contouring with Angled Brush

Highlighting with Straight Brush

Now take your straight brush (not the angled one) and apply some high lightener over the rest part of your nose including the side angles. With the angled brush, blend the high lightener at the nose angles so that your nose looks smoother at the ends. With the straight brush, spread nicely the high lightener around other areas of the nose skin like the side portions and center part of the nose down below and above the nostrils. If your nose is little broad, you can use sponge puff to blend the powder lines in addition to using a straight brush.

Highlighting with Straight Brush

Blend everything nicely so that no fine lines are visible, just the shadow area and highlighting your center line of the nose from top till bottom. Here you are done.

nose makeup trick

This nose makeup trick will make your broad nose look slim and highlighted well and will also go perfect with your smile. If nose had been the only your face’s weak asset, you can now show it to your world without any hitch.

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