6 Skin Care Treatments For Dry Skin At Home

Skin Care Treatments

If you have dry skin, then take care of it regularly. Unless it will get damaged as fine lines appears in dry skin faster than oily skin. If you does not take care of your dry skin wrinkles will appear at early age and your skin will suffer from ageing. So, follow the cleansing, toning, moisturizing regime for your skin regularly. It will give you a smooth and supple skin. Also use home remedies for dry skin problems as it has no side effects and also it is economical too. Regular use of this home skin care treatments will solve the dry skin problems.

Here Are 5 Dry Skin Treatments At Home:

Clean Your Skin Gently:

Don’t use soap to clean your dry skin. It will then get drier and looks dull. Use home remedy to clean your skin. Mix 4 tea spoons of fresh milk cream with proportionate amount of all purpose flour. Make a smooth paste of it and apply on your skin. You may add pinch of turmeric powder in it. Leave this pack for 15 minutes to dry and then remove with water. You will get clean face without any dryness as milk does wonder to your skin.

Clean Your Skin Gently

Tone Your Skin With Home Remedy:

Take ¼ th of a cucumber and peel it. Now grate it and take the juice from it. Add 1 tea spoon of mint leaf extract with it. Now store it in to the refrigerator. Apply this natural toner every time you cleanse your skin or as more you want to use it. You may also use rose toner for your skin.

Tone Your Skin With Home Remedy

Natural Dry Skin Moisturizer:

Now it is the time to moisturize your skin. Aloe Vera works as excellent moisturizer for all types of skin. It has several benefits for your skin with no side effects. You have to just a few steps to do it. Take one Aloe Vera stem and peel the skin from it. Now make pieces of it and extract the gel from the center. Apply this gel on your skin to moisturize it. You can also store it in refrigerator and use when you want to. But use of fresh one is advised.

Natural Dry Skin Moisturizer

Papaya Honey Moisturizing Mask:

Those who have dry skin they often complain with a problem that they experience extra dry skin some time. It is due to the pollution and the climate. Use this home made moisturizing face pack to get rid of extra dryness. Take half cup of mashed papaya. Now mix 2 tea spoons of honey and 4 tea spoons of Fuller’s earth with it to make a pack. Apply it on your face and neck. Leave this pack for half an hour to let it dry. Sprinkle some water on the mask and remove it with water rubbing it in circular motion. Rinse with cold water. As both honey and papaya is known for their excellent moisturizing qualities this pack will do a magic on your skin.

Papaya Honey Moisturizing Mask

Almond Face Pack For Nourishment:

Dry skin always need skin deep nourishment unless it will look dull. You can use home made nourishment pack to get a glow in your dull skin. Try this pack. Soak almonds in milk for overnight. Remove the skin and grind it to make a smooth paste of it. Add few drops of rose water and 1 tea spoon of honey. Make a paste with all these ingredients and apply on all over your face. Leave this pack for half an hour. Take off this pack with lukewarm water. You will notice the effect of this pack in the mirror. Use this nourishment pack twice a week to get best results.

Almond Face Pack For Nourishment

Egg Protein Pack For Dry Skin:

Do you have dry skin with lines and wrinkles? Did your skin lose its elasticity? Don’t worry so much and try this excellent home remedy to get rid of the problem. This pack will give you a tightening effect on your skin.
Take one egg white and add with 1 tea spoon of honey with it. Add required amount of Fuller’s Earth to make a smooth pack. Apply this pack on your skin and leave it to dry. Don’t make any facial movements when this pack is applied on your skin. Unless it will create more wrinkles on your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water to remove this pack rubbing it in a circular movement.

Egg Protein Pack For Dry Skin

You can see the result of this pack instantly. If you have a party in next few hours and if you don’t have any time to do a facial try this home remedy to get a excellent beautiful skin. Use this home remedy at least once a week to get best results.

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