4 Quick And Easy Ways To Revamp Your Old Fashion Jewellery For A Party!

Revamp Your Old Fashion Jewellery

Fashion accessories are always in great demand by women. The love for fashion jewellery never fades be it a teenage girl, a college going girl or a young working women. Almost every women has her own personalized jewellery box to keep her intact fashion accessories. Since these fashion jewellery are available in market at an affordable price, women never minds to buy them in good quantity no matter even the colour they choose to buy will go well with their dress or not still they buy because of curiosity for window shopping.

Old Fashion Jewellery

The love for fashion jewellery deepens with more variety and selection becomes easy on what to wear, however due to more collection you might get bored from some of your exclusive stud earrings, danglers or light weight daily necklaces and you would not love to give it to others for free so you would keep them packed in your jewellery box for ages without using them.

Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You To Revamp Your Old Fashion Jewellery:

Material Required

Collect all old unused nail paints, cotton,acetone,old newspaper and your fashion jewellery that you would like to paint. Place a newspaper on a table to avoid your table getting spotted from paint. If required later, you can clean the spotted table gently by applying little acetone on cotton.

Material Required

How To Design

Gently place your earrings, necklace and start painting it with a lighter hand and do not rush. Do colour your jewellery with at least 2-3 colours in each piece so that it looks vibrant and stylish, as per your need. You can add on shine to your jewellery by applying a layer of top coat nail paint on the painted piece like the way you paint your nails, it’s easy!

How to Design

Let It Dry

Place your painted jewellery under sunlight or a fan so that it absorbs the colour nicely, and let your designer piece get dry.

Let it dry

How To Keep

In order to retain the colour and quality of your jewellery for a long term use, put the piece in a zipper poly bag nicely and keep every painted jewellery separately. Make sure you are not wearing the jewellery while you take bath or wash your face as drops of water can affect your designer piece that you just got in love with.

How to keep

Believe me, you can do magic with colours and can get ready to flaunt for a party in minutes, all your boring and expensive stuff will be taken care of!

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