5 DIY Powdered Milk Face Mask For Your Skin Type

DIY Powdered Milk Face Mask

Powdered milk is just not there to bail you out when you are out of fresh milk. Powdered milk, in fact, can be used for your face too. It has been seen that it works out to be great pack, mask and even cleanser for getting glowing skin. The best part is that you can customize it for different skin types too. So no matter what kind of skin you have, make use of the powdered milk.

Here Are The 5 DIY Powdered Milk Face Mask For Different Skin Types:

1. Powdered Milk For Acne Prone Skin

If you suffer from acne and tend to have breakouts often, then powdered milk can be used as a mask to hydrate the skin and also prevent acne. For making this mask, take about 2 spoons of powdered milk, one spoon of turmeric powder or two spoons of fresh turmeric juice. Mix the ingredients well and put on face with some water. Let it dry and then wash off. Turmeric fights acne while the powdered milk hydrates the skin and nourishes it.

Treats acne and scars

2. Powdered Milk For Aging Signs

Get rid of the signs of aging with this powdered milk mask for getting rid of the signs of aging. Here you can also create a peel off mask. For this, you have to combine 2 egg whites with 2 spoons of powdered milk. You can add a spoon of gelatin here if you want a peel off mask. Just make sure that you mix all ingredients well and melt gelatin. If using a regular mask, add a few drops of lemon juice for added vitamins. Apply on face and let the same dry. Wash off using warm water. Both powdered milk and eggs contain anti-aging properties that prevents wrinkles.


3. Powdered Milk For Very Dry Skin

For very dry skin types, powdered milk is surely a boon. For making this pack, you have to mix together 2 spoons of powdered milk with 2 spoons of almond meal or grounded almonds. Make sure you soak the almonds first as it releases fatty acids that hydrate and moisturize the skin. Now mix this with a little bit of water to create a thick paste. Apply all over the face and neck. You can also use oil to mix the paste like olive oil, for added moisture. Once dry, just wash with cold water.

Cures dry and cracked skin

4. Powdered Milk For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to acne and other issues, then it makes sense to try this pack made from Aloe Vera and powdered milk. Unlike fresh milk, powdered milk is less prone to allergic breakouts. Aloe vera on the other hand too neutralizes the skin and nourishes it. Mix 3-4 spoons of aloe vera gel with about 2-3 spoons of powdered milk. Mix together well. The consistency will be rather thick. Massage face well with this and let the same dry. Then scrub again. So this works as a mask cum exfoliator for sensitive skin.

sensitive skin (2)

5. Powdered Milk For Oily Skin

For making Powdered Milk mask for oily skin, you need 2 spoons of powdered milk, 2 spoons of orange juice, few drops of tea tree oil and 1 spoon of gram flour. Mix together all of the ingredients to get a thick paste. Next apply this on the neck and face in upward strokes. Let the paste dry completely and then rinse while scrubbing. Tea tree prevents oiliness and stops acne. Orange juice provides vitamins without making skin oily. The gram flour prevents oily skin woes while the milk nourishes gently.

Apple face mask for Oily Skin

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