6 Gorgeous Pixie Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Gorgeous Pixie Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

The pixie haircut epitomizes the versatility and cool style of the super short hair cut. This particular hairstyle has been ruling the fashion circles for quite a while now, with film stars like Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley and Michelle Williams propagating this look . This haircut can be styled in innumerable ways to suit women with different face shapes. From the super cute pixie with the side swept fringe to the elegantly slicked back style, this iconic hairstyle can make any woman look effortlessly elegant. To get an insight into pixie haircuts for unique face shapes, read on.

Here Are 6 Chic Pixie Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes:

Cute Pixie Hairstyle With Flirty Side Swept Fringe For Oval Face

Think Michelle Williams when you want to envision a cute pixie hairstyle with side swept fringe. This look is ideal for women with classic oval face shape. A deep off center parting with gentle side swept flicks of hair complete the look. This gorgeous look also enhances the high cheekbones of this particular face shape.

Flirty Side Swept Fringe

Stylish Textured Pixie Hairstyle For Round Face

This soft and feminine textured hairstyle is ideal for women with round (fuller) face shapes. The adorable, textured, short hairstyle gives volume to the crown of the head, thereby giving this unique face shape a more elongated appearance. For this particular look the hair is kept longer in the front and to one side. The hair is cut extremely short at the back.

Stylish Textured Pixie Hairstyle for Round Face

Romantic Grown Out Pixie Haircut For Heart Shaped Face

The super stylish Carey Mulligan is the perfect example of how this particular hairstyle can look absolutely gorgeous on women with heart shaped faces. The heart shaped face is characterized by a broad forehead and much narrower jaw line. For this particular look the hair is kept slightly longer. The hair is piled on one side of the head with the help of a deep off center parting. A few tendrils of hair are allowed to fall on one side of the forehead. This not only hides your large forehead but it also enhances your cheekbones.

Romantic Grown Out Pixie Haircut for Heart Shaped Face

Elegant Slicked Back Pixie For Diamond Face Shape

Women with diamond face shape have narrower forehead and chins with well defined cheek bones. For this particular face shape a slicked back pixie hair style will work wonders. This particular hairstyle helps to give greater definition to the forehead and the chin. For this particular look simply slick back your hair. Apply a strong hold mousse to hold your hair in place.

Elegant Slicked Back Pixie For Diamond Face Shape

Trendy Shaggy Pixie For Square Shaped Face

Of all the different pixie haircuts, the shaggy pixie hairstyle is by far the trendiest. Keira Knightely who epitomizes the strong square shaped face has often been seen sporting the trendy and unique hairstyle look. This particular hairstyle works extremely well for women with naturally thick, slightly wavy hair. Dampen your lock and. Now blow dry your hair to get texture and volume. Run your finger through your hair to give it a slightly shaggy / unkempt appearance. You can spritz your hair lightly with hair spray to give definition and hold.

Trendy Shaggy Pixie for Square Shaped Face

Stunning Coiffured Pixie For Oblong Face Shape

Charlize Theron, who has a stunning oblong face shape, has showcased one of the most iconic pixie haircuts of all times. This hairstyle is the perfect amalgamation of structure and style. For this particular look which works wonders for long, oblong faces, the hair is kept super short at the sides of the head. The hair at the front is kept slightly longer. The longer hair is flipped back and a medium hold hair gel is used to hold the hair in place.

Coiffured Pixie

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