7 Awesome Natural Hair Conditioners To Make Your Hair Super Strong And Healthy

Natural Hair Conditioners

Thanks to this overwhelmingly polluted and hazardous environment that we have started losing piles of our manes and are slowly heading towards being bald. This is the reason, why ladies are being forced today to resort to different types of hair care products and treatments. However; these over-the-counter products which we believe to be super beneficial for our hair, are actually wreaking havoc for our manes and are secretly adding on to the problem of hair loss and dryness. Hence; if you are also panicked with the chemical loads in your hair products like conditioners and are seeking a natural alternative, which actually works, you should definitely read ahead.

Here Are Natural Hair Conditioners:


Avocado, the fruit which resembles a green, yummy and creamy mayonnaise upon being mashed, is a super food for hair and is also a superb natural hair conditioner. Stuffed with good oils, avocado when applied to even the driest hair types, will bring back its softness and healthy bounce, without weighing it down with oil. Applying avocado after shampooing is a great natural alternative to over-the-counter conditioners.


Milk And Honey

Great for skin and hair alike, milk and honey, is a combination that is super beneficial for human beings, no matter in which manner it is being used – applied to skin or hair or consumed. Milk is a natural moisturizer, which is also rich in protein, thereby being a great friend of hair. Honey on the other hand, is a humectant, which means that it helps to restore the natural and optimum moisture level of hair by drawing water particles from the air. Mix the duo ingredients, form a hair pack and apply after shampooing to say store-bought conditioners a goodbye!

Milk and honey

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one such gifts of nature, which has beneficial properties loaded into it and it comes specially gifted for human hair. Coconut milk is a source of natural good fats, proteins and minerals, all of which are considered extremely beneficial for hair. Coconut milk is a fabulous hair conditioner and the best thing is that it actually works, unlike many natural conditioners which are over-hyped for their conditioning properties, as coconut milk has good penetrative properties.

Coconut milk


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Bananas are good for humans in every aspect. These sweet, yellow colored fruits are also over enjoyed by our hair, as bananas are good hair conditioners and tend to retain their conditioning effect pretty long. Loaded with vitamins and minerals which are quintessential to hair, bananas perform amazingly as hair conditioner. Applying banana as an after-shampoo conditioner is also a pretty easy deal, as all one needs to do is mash up some bananas and mix those with yoghurt and honey. Retain the conditioner for a few minutes and then wash off properly!



Henna is one of the best natural hair conditioners. Not only does henna promote healthy hair growth but also helps to treat scalp problems due to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and soothing properties. Mix up some henna with yoghurt, vitamin e, honey and egg and apply the conditioner after shampooing or on dry hair to experience the amazing conditioning properties of henna.



Yoghurt is yet another natural wonder for hair. Apply it alone or mix it with some other nourishing ingredients like honey and olive oil, yoghurt will always deliver you with super soft and tamed manes and you would simply forget the use of your favorite store-bought conditioner. Yoghurt is loaded with proteins and beneficial oils, which help to condition hair and bring back its natural softness and sheen.


Coconut Oil And Castor Oil

Despite not being a creamy conditioner, coconut oil when mixed with a tiny bit of castor oil and applied to hair after shampooing, can tame frizz and flyways. The mixture also helps to nurture hair from within to deliver great looking hair.

Coconut oil and castor oil

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