10 Most Common Side Effects Of Tamarind One Should Know

10 Most Common Side Effects Of Tamarind One Should Know

Tamarind is the most delicious and tasty bud which is well known for giving fantastic taste to its consumer with its amazing sweet and sour flavour. In fact, it is only for its superb flavour that chefs used in making varieties of dishes especially in India, it is widely used in making South-Indian dishes. Tamarind also offers lots of healing benefits bad nutritional benefits to its user. But like everything, tamarind to results in causing some side effects to health under different conditions which can’t be neglected when it comes to health and fitness.

Following Are The Most Common Side Effects Of Tamarind:-

1. Raises Risk Of Bleeding:

Tamarind raises the risk of bleeding and produces very dangerous effect on health when it is taken with certain medications. Drugs such as aspirin, anti-platelet drugs, blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs when taken with tamarind, it results in uncontrollable bleeding due to action of drug.

Raises Risk Of Bleeding

2. Causes Hypoglycemia

Regular consumption of tamarind in excess quantity results in a significant fall of serum glucose levels of its consumer which in turn make his or her body prone to hypoglycemia disease. In fact, health professionals only recommend 10gm of tamarind per day to remain healthy but if anyone consumes more than this limit in a daily diet then it may led to glucose deficiency in their body. Therefore, for the patients suffering from the diabetic problem, it is suggested to stop consuming tamarind because eating tamarind will lower glucose level of their body and will make their health condition somehow serious.


3. Causes Allergies

Consuming tamarind makes some people body prone to hypersensitivity or allergic reactions as a worse side effect. Regular eating of tamarind in large quantity than required develops symptoms like a stinging sensation, rashes, inflammation, fainting, respiration problems, headache, vomiting and feeling of itchiness to the body of its consumer. To avoid these allergies, it is very essential for you to consume tamarind but in limited quantity.


4. Damages Tooth Enamel

Tamarind is highly acidic and if it is consumed in excess on a regular basis then it damages tooth with its acidic component. Tamarind actually corrodes the enamel of teeth with highly acidifying nature. Apart from affecting the look of the teeth enamel, tamarind also causes some common oral problems like mouth ulcers, tongue swelling etc.


5. Causes Gallstones Formation

The most serious side effect of tamarind is the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder. In fact, many researches made by the Indian scientist proves that tamarind promotes the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder and causes severe health-related complications like acute fever, nausea, abdominal cramping, jaundice, problems related with digestion and other liver problems. As it is the most serious side effect of tamarind consumption, therefore, it is advised to take the proper diagnosis of such problems at an earlier stage before such problems become life-threatening.

Causes Gallstones Formation

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6. Causes Acid Reflux Problem:

Consumption of tamarind in excess is also responsible for causing acid reflux problem as the acid level increases within the gastrointestinal tract of its consumer which in absence of proper treatment, results in making the health of a patient prone to other complications.

Acid Reflux

7. Produces Laxative Effects

Tamarind is highly popular for producing laxative effects inside the body and therefore it is recommended to stop consuming tamarind in case you already using any laxative product as it may cause some common complication to your health.

Laxative Effects

8. Interacts With Antibiotics

For the user of antibiotics, it is recommended to stop consuming tamarind as soon as possible because tamarind on combination with such drugs may cause some skin problems and other health hazards.

Take Medicine

9. Make Cough Worse

If you’re suffering from any sorts of cough problem then consuming tamarind will result in making that cough worse than before. Tamarind is very dangerous for the lungs and results in causing chronic respiratory issues if it is consumed in excess quantity.  So, to avoid a cough becoming worse, you need to stop eating even seeds of tamarind or tamarind in powdered form.


10. Enhances Vasoconstriction Effects

For the user of vasoconstrictor even if it is an herb, it is strictly recommended to remain away from tamarind because tamarind is highly rich in producing vasoconstriction effects thereby narrowing the blood vessels. Vasoconstriction slower down the flow of blood and can led to blockage of blood vessels if tamarind is consumed regularly with any type of herbal or synthetic vasoconstrictor.

blood clotting


These are the most common side effects of tamarind which makes health of its consumer prone to several health-related complication. However, its consumption in limited quantity by a normal person may not produce any health hazard. So, be careful while consuming tamarind from now onwards.

eating taramid

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